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    Britberry (Wales -UK)

    All about you CAF!

    Instructions: There are 4 name banks below. Select the answer that best describes you and pick a first and middle name from the corresponding bank. Example:If your birth month is April, you would pick a first and middle name for DH from bank 2, something like DH: Clement Jude etc.


    DH: If you were born between; Jan-March = bank 1, April-June = bank 2, July-Sep = bank 3, Oct-Dec = bank 4
    DW: If you have; brown or black eyes = bank 1, blue eyes = bank 2, hazel eyes = bank 3, green eyes = bank 4

    DS: Would you rather vacation in; France = bank 1, Hawaii = bank 2, Las Vegas = bank 3, China = bank 4
    DS: If you have; no children or pregnant w/#1 = bank 1, 1 child = bank 2, 2 children = bank 3, 3 or more children = bank 4
    DD: If your last name starts with; A-F = bank 1, G-I = bank 2, J-Q = bank 3, R-Z = bank 4
    DD: If your favourite season is; Spring = bank 1, Summer = bank 2, Autumn = bank 3, Winter = bank 4
    DS: What kind of movie would you rather watch; Horror = bank 1, Drama = bank 2, Comedy = bank 3, Action = bank 4
    DD: When at a restaurant would you order; Steak = bank 1, Pasta = bank 2, Lobster = bank = 3, Salad = bank 4

    Bank 1: Aidan, Ashton, Braxton, Cade, Chase, Cole, Connor, Dakota, Gavin, Hunter, Jackson, Jaden, Liam, Logan, Mason, Owen, Parker, Rylan, Tyler, Wyatt
    Addison, Alexis, Ashlyn, Ava, Brooklyn, Cadence, Chloe, Jade, Jasmine, Jordan, Kaylee, Kendall, Madison, Makenna, Neveah, Peyton, Rylie, Savannah, Sierra, Trinity

    Bank 2: Abram, Alfred, Benedict, Cedric, Clement, Dexter, Edmund, Emmett, Felix, Harvey, Hugo, Jasper, Jude, Lucian, Maxwell, Oliver, Phineas, Silas, Tristram, Ulysses
    Adelaide, Allegra, Beatrice, Celia, Clementine, Eloise, Eudora, Genevieve, Hazel, Imogen, Lenore, Lila, Matilda, Nora, Penelope, Pearl, Roseline, Ruby, Violet, Vivien

    Bank 3: Aaron, Alexander, Benjamin, Charles, Daniel, David, Edward, George, Jacob, James, Joseph, Matthew, Nicholas, Patrick, Peter, Robert, Samuel, Theodore, Thomas, William
    Abigail, Anne, Audrey, Catherine, Charlotte, Claire, Elizabeth, Emily, Grace, Isabel, Josephine, Laura, Lillian, Louise, Margaret, Mary, Sarah, Rose, Victoria

    Bank 4: Becker, Camden, Davis, Drake, Farrow, Grayson, Hudson, Jett, Kai, Kingston, Knox, Madden, Nash, Phoenix, Quinlan, Sawyer, Slade, Theron, True, Zephyr
    Arcadia, Aspen, Cambria, Chandler, Genesis, Harper, India, Jewel, Journey, Kimber, Lark, Leighton, Meadow, Paisley, Piper, Raven, Sage, Shiloh, Winter, Zola

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    DH- Greyson True
    DW- Trinity Jade

    DS1- Connor Liam (17)
    DS2- Gavin Parker (16)
    DD1- Ava Brooklyn (15)
    DD2- Harper Arden (14)
    DS3/DD3- Sawyer Slade/ Mattilyn Kendall "Matti" (13)

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    Names that make me happy:

    Casper Hugh, August Raphael, Henrik Fox & Mabel October, Esme Valentina, Astrid Winter
    Thinking About: Azula Vivienne & Magnus Colin

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