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    Starbucks BNG>

    1. Your boyfriend of 3 years proposes to you! Where do you get married?

    2. Your wedding is amazing but you can't wait for your honeymoon! Where do you go?

    3. A month after you get back from your honeymoon you find out your pregnant! Congrats it's a boy! His middle name has to be William and his first name has to start with an A. What his name?

    4. Your baby boy is 3 months old and you find out your pregnant with TRIPLETS! What's your reaction?

    5. You're expecting 3 girls. Their first names have to start with A,B and C. You can pick middle names. What are their names?

    6. Your baby boy is 2 and your girls are 1 and after a hell of a year you decide you want another baby. After 2 months of trying you find out you're expecting twin boys! Their first names have to be family names and the middle names have to start with a T. What are their names?

    7. When your older boy is 7 your girls are 6 and your younger boys are 4 your husband is bugging you about having another baby. You get pregnant in two short months but his time with quadruplets! What's your reaction this time?

    8. When your 20 weeks you find out your having 2 girls and 2 boys. You get to name all of them. What are their names?

    9. Your older boy is 25, your girls are 24, your boys are 22 and your quads are 18. You're sitting at Starbucks having coffee when someone sees all the pictures in your wallet and asks you what your kids names are. What are they all?

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    We get married in our church. We honeymoon for an entire month throughout Germany and Italy.

    DH: Joel Matthew Mitchell
    DW: Sofia Rose Mitchell

    DS: Asher William Mitchell [25]
    DD/DD/DD: Aurora Madeleine Mitchell, Blair Elaina Mitchell, & Cadence Marie Mitchell [24] "Rory, Blair, & Cady"
    DS/DS: Simon Thomas Mitchell & Benjamin Tyler Mitchell [22] "Simon & Ben"
    DD/DS/DS/DD: Piper Eloise Mitchell, Theodore James Mitchell, Samuel Dean Mitchell, & Winifred Diana Mitchell [18] "Pip, Theo, Sam, & Winnie"

    Joey & Sofia have Asher, Rory, Blair, Cady, Simon, Ben, Pip, Theo, Sam, & Winnie
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14)

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    We have a destination wedding in the Wisteria Tunnel in the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan. Our honeymoon is a cruise along the western coast of South America.

    DH: Cody Haldan Thames
    DW: Kaitlin Olivia Thames

    DS: Ansel William Thames {25}
    DD/DD/DD: Araminta Fayette Thames, Bellatrix Josephine Thames, and Carezza Harlowe Thames {24}
    DS/DS: Robert Thomas Thames and Christopher Thibault Thames {22}
    DD/DS/DS/DD: Reverie Pascoe Thames, Felix Howlan Thames, Maverick Hugo Thames, and Parthenope Nora Thames {18}

    Cody and Kate are loving parents to:
    Ansel, Tia, Bix, Cari, Bear, Chris, Vera, Felix, Rick, and Parry
    Kate S.

    Sixteen, Name Nerd, Big Sister, Author Extraordinaire

    Girls: Belvadorah, Louella, Alastrina, Betsabe, Dahlia, Charlynn, Thessaly, Henrietta

    Boys: Hadrian, Cyrus, Venn, Reuben, Joash, Barnaby, Truett, Cove

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    Teenberry ~ Rower

    Leo Frederick ~ Simon Walter ~ Henry Malachi ~ Calvin Hugo ~ Jude William ~ Isaac Rowan ~ Luca Theodore ~ Evan Atticus ~ Truman August ~ Caspian Lewis

    Alice Ruby ~ Eleanor Violet ~ Rose Juliet ~ Eloise Wren ~ Seraphina Lark ~ Iris Annabel ~ Margot Juniper ~ Eve Magnolia ~ Marina Lucille ~ Catherine Ivy

    Crushes: Kieran Balthazar ~ Peregrine Oliver ~ Gwendolyn Hazel ~ Ada Briar

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