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    Your multiples are now 6 months old. You and your husband, James, are still living in your mother's hometown of New Orleans, and have moved out of your apartment and into a house. You've gotten a job as a teacher and your husband works as a fire fighter.


    Four more kids

    Your multiples are 5 years old when you have another child. Then, 1 year after that child is born, you have another baby. When your second singleton is 3 years old, you have your sixth. You don't have your seventh child until your third singleton is 8 years old. After that, you're done having kids and you have your tubes tied.

    Girl: Lola June

    Girl: Adelaide Scarlett

    Boy: William James

    Girl: Juliet Sophia

    List everyone in your family:
    Your name: Lauren Marie (45)
    Your husband's name: James Philip (44)
    Your children:
    1. Elizabeth Jade (17)
    2. Amelia Piper (17)
    3. Isabella Brooke (17)
    4. Lola June (12)
    5. Adelaide Scarlett (11)
    6. William James (8)
    7. Juliet Sophia (NB)


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    My name is Lily Claire Evans and I am a twenty-one Victoria Secret model in Malibu, California. I was discovered while shopping in LA when I was sixteen, and signed a contract with Victoria Secret three years ago. I live in a big beach house by myself and throw big parties for all the A-List celebrities, including Alex Pettyfer, my boyfriend.

    I have brown hair and green eyes. I'm short for a model, at 5'6". This is my house:

    One New Years, I host a huge, crazy party. It gets way out of hand, and I end up pregnant. To keep it quiet, I abort the baby. The stress of it is something I can't handle. I develop insomnia and night terrors and find myself unable to eat. I turn to drinking to get myself through. One day, I show up hungover to a photo shoot and I am fired and ordered to attend therapy.

    My therapist asks why I turned to drinking, and I break down and tell her that the pain of losing a child I didn't even want was too unbearable for me to handle. I tell her that I couldn't sleep for months without waking up sobbing and I couldn't eat without throwing it up again. She tells me that my self-destructive behavior is in response to the guilt I felt over the abortion.

    I go to rehab for six months. I learn how to express my guilt in a less destructive way. I start sleeping through the night and eating a few meals everyday. When I am released, I leave Malibu and go to live with my aunt in Albany, New York. After a few months, I buy my own apartment. I start enroll myself in University of Albany.

    My aunt, Lola, and I are still close. We have tea every week, and her husband, Mike, and kids, Elle and Louis, are the sweetest things, at 12 and 14. I also meet my mom's brother, Thomas, and his wife, Lisa. They have three kids, Will, 16, Olivia, 19 and Hanna, 24. I even get to be a bridesmaid at Hanna's wedding. This is my dress:

    A few months later, I start on my major at UoA, Journalism. Hanna's husband, Liam, is a graduate student at the university, and he helps me get my feet wet as an undergrad. He introduces me to his best friend, Henry, who is a graduate student in Architecture. He has black hair, blue eyes, and stands tall at 6'2".

    A year after we meet, I am twenty-three and he is twenty-four, we are officially dating.


    We dated for six years. Then, when I am twenty-nine and he is thirty, I get a call from Anderson Cooper. He says that someone leaked my story to the tabloids, and he'd love to get my side. I refuse, but after pestering, say I'll think about it.

    I get home and see the tabloid on the table. Henry is sitting on the couch. He asks me why I never told him about rehab, and I tell him it's because I was so ashamed I could barely handle it myself, let alone tell anyone else. I explain about the abortion and he says he understands, because when he was seventeen, his pregnant girlfriend got an abortion.

    The next morning, I call Anderson Cooper and tell him I'd like to share my story on his show. A week later, Henry and I are in LA. I tell him about my abortion and rehab, and how much I regret the decision I made surrounding the baby. I tell him about my life now, my journalism degree, family and wonderful boyfriend.

    Two days later, we're watching the sunrise in Los Angeles on the beach (time change), and Henry proposes to me. He put a note and ring in a bottle that he set up for me to find. Of course, I say yes. This is the ring:

    We have a Caribbean wedding on a cruise ship in the summer. This is my dress:[term]=angel%20wedding%20gowns&filters[primary]=images.

    We go to Greece for our honeymoon, and five weeks later we return to discover that I am pregnant. We're thrilled- and even more to find out that we're having twins, a boy and a girl. We call them Charlie Alexander and Lucy Camilla.


    The twins are now six months old. Henry and I still live in Albany, in a new house. He is an architect and I am a journalist. This is our house:

    When the twins are four, we have another child. A boy, named Henry Isaac. Then, when the twins are five and Henry is just one, we have another. A girl, named Reese Taylor. Two years later, the twins are seven, Henry is three, Reese is two, we have yet another. A girl named Blair Elizabeth. And two years later again, the twins are nine, Henry is five, Reese is four and Blair is two, we have one last baby. Another girl, named Anna Katherine.

    Our family stands thus:
    38 year old Mum: Lily Claire Evans
    39 year old Dad: Henry Isaac Evans
    9 year old Twins: Lucy and Charlie
    5 year old Boy: Henry
    4 year old Girl: Reese
    2 year old Girl: Blair
    Newborn Girl: Anna

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