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    How Would YOU Compromise?

    1st poster posts a criteria for one spouse. 2nd poster answers with what they would name their child if this criteria were held by their spouse; how they would compromise to find a name they liked.


    1st Poster: You're having a daughter. Spouse likes names like Lindsay, Brittany, Bethany, basically whatever was popular in 1980.

    2nd Poster: I would name our daughter Samantha Jane. Samantha was made famous by Bewitched in the 60s and so it has the timeless, quirky quality I like in baby names.

    You're having a boy. Spouse wants to name him after a Golden Age Movie Star, male or female.

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    Humphrey Bellamy. I love the rumpled, teddybear quality to Humphrey, and Bellamy is a family name that I would love to continue using (Humphrey Bogart and Ralph Bellamy).

    You're having a girl, and your spouse wants to name them after their mother, Mary-Anne.
    Girls: Vesper Noble, Anouk Minnie, Yuki Beloved, Momo Flora, Constance Nellie, Esther Opal, Nanette Camellia, Bertie Alma, Bernadette Frances, Prudence Bellamy, Paloma Valentine, Shalom Galilee, Mary Valentine, Agnes Gardenia, Mercy Susannah.

    Boys: Dossie Gardener, Bertram Beloved, Morris Basil, Reginald Noble, Gerald Dove, Humphrey Kip, Amadeus Andrew, Abraham Lou, Thaddeus Palomo, Bernard Prosper, Ernest Francesco, Enzo Raphael, Shalom Valour, Moses Lou, Solomon Thaddeus, Shepherd Andrew.

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    Ooh, yay! I adore Mary and Anne combo-names, so this wouldn't be too hard. I would probably have to go with Anne-Persephone or Mary-Olive nn Molly.

    You don't know the gender, but your spouse likes names that have a strong "u" sound in them.

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    I would suggest to him that we can use his preference for the name as long as the middle can be a family name.

    The choices would be Juniper Mary for a girl or Julian Charles for a boy.

    You are having twins and your spouse loves unisex names with nicknames that end in "y" or "ie".

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