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    Talking Gender Predictor Pencil Test

    If you haven’t heard of this test, it’s a really fun and fairly simple way of predicting your number of children, their order, and their gender!
    You’ll need: a sharpened pencil with an eraser, a needle, a longish (about a foot) piece of thread.
    Thread the needle, stick the needle firmly into the eraser, put your arm on a flat surface (palm facing upwards), hold the thread firmly, and let the pencil tip just touch the tip of your wrist. Don’t try to force the thread, the pencil will move on its own!
    Up and down indicates a boy, side to side indicates girl, diagonal indicates multiples (usually accepted as twins, but could be more)! The pencil usually has a slight pause in between each child, so if you get a diagonal, keep an eye on it before it pauses because it swings right into whether it is boy multiples, girl multiples, or a combo! Then, the pencil just stops! All on its own!
    It’s just for fun, and obviously has been disproven before, but I’ve done it to all the women in my office and it hasn’t been wrong on any of them! And I’ve done it to myself, my husband, and my ex. Mine came out: B, B, G, B, G, G/G. My ex’s came out: B, G (and we had a son together!). My husband’s came out B, G, B, G, G/G! It was so freaky. And we had several people hold the pencil for us and didn’t tell them what our previous results were and they came out the same!
    So, try it and post!

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    Ok, so like I said:

    B, B, G, B, G, G/G (twin girls or multiple girls... hoping just twins lol)

    B1: Liam Anthony (he already exists!)
    B2: Patrick Robert
    G1: Kathryn Rose
    B3: Colin Thomas
    G2: Viviane Claire
    G3: Juliet Elaine
    G4: Charlotte Joy

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    I've done this as well. I don't have any kids yet but mine came out G, G, B, G, B, B, G, B. I've done this to my mom and it came out G (me), B (my brother) and stopped. And to my aunts and it's always right. Its kinda freaky how accurate it is but its also nice knowing that if it ends up being correct I already have a list of names I love.

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    Mine came out G/G, B, G, G/G/B/B.

    DD/DD: Lila Persephone and Violet Evangeline
    DS: Leo Cornell
    DD: Maeve Tallulah
    DD/DD/DS/DS: Sadie Rosamund, Iris Magdalen, August Jameson, and Jasper Elias
    You can call me Abby
    Competitive dancer, aspiring writer, high school sophomore,
    and, most importantly, name obsessed

    ♕Dancing Queens♕
    Lila Persephone|Violet Evangeline|Maeve Ottilie
    Iris Magdalen|Eden Lavinia


    ♔Soccer Gents♔
    Leo Sebastian|Jasper Elias|Archer Murray
    August Laurence|Nolan Shepherd


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    I did this three times to be sure, but I got the same result each time! G, B, G/B, B, G, G

    G: Heidi Ruth
    B: Declan Arthur
    G/B: Aurelia Kate/Oscar Wyatt
    B: Levi Rowan
    G: Nora Imogen
    G: Sylvie Iris
    | Iris Delphine | Heidi Ruth | Audra Jane | Isla | Hannah | Nora | Imogen |
    | Declan Arthur | Elijah Daniel | Rowan | Liam | Wyatt | Levi |

    TTC #1

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