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Thread: CAF with Rules

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    CAF with Rules

    LN: From your family tree

    DH: FN: Guilty Pleasure MN: A name you hate (41)
    DW: FN: Irish Name MN: French Name (43)

    DD: FN: Surname MN: Animal (21)
    DS: FN: Plant MN: Irish (19)
    DD/DD: FN: Feminine names with masculine nicknames MN: 80’s baby name (16)
    DS/DS: FN: Word names MN: Have the same meaning (14)
    DD: FN: Starts with B MN: Cute name that does not age well (11)
    DS/DD/DS/DD: FN: Start with any 4 letters in alphabetical order MN: Disney Names (8)
    DS: FN: An element ( MN: A classic name (5)

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    Newark, NY
    DH (41): Isaac Uriah Volk
    DW (43): Siobhan Clara Volk

    DD (21): Kennedy Raven Volk
    DS (19): Reed Cillian Volk
    DD/DD (16): Scarlett Emily Volk and Samantha Maria Volk
    DS/DS (14): Bay Andrew and Dune Willard Volk
    DD: Brianna Heidi
    DS/DD/DS/DD: Oliver Flynn, Penelope Adelaide, Quinn Arthur, and Rita Myrtle
    DS: Francium Benjamin

    * Isaac & Siobhan with Kennedy, Reed, Scarlett, Samantha, Bay, Dune, Brianna, Oliver, Penelope, Rita, and Francium *
    pearl marguerite . clara madeline . georgia rachel . june dorothy . hannah lillian
    daniel ryan . felix asher. evan matthew . elliot robert . tobias frederick

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    LN: Greene

    DH: Hopper Stanley (41)
    DW: Maeve Eugenie (43)

    DD: Tyler Dove (21)
    DS: Rowan Sullivan (19)
    DD/DD: Francesca Ashley *Frankie* & Charlotte Jessica *Charlie* (16)
    DS/DS: Otter Callum & Chord Jonah (14)
    DD: Bay Kiki (11)
    DS/DD/DS/DD: Joel Peter & Kendra Belle & Leland Thomas & Maisie Jasmine (8)
    DS: Nickel Benajamin (5)
    Ansel Grayer, Bodhi Coven *Bo*, Elliot Denali *Leo*, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Rafferty, Foster Emmons, Jedidiah Loyal *Jedi*, Jethro Merrick, Julian Everest, Koa Leeu, Otter Pacey, Seaton Milo, Serephin Matteo *Finn*, Shepherd Kellan, Theodore Viggo *Thor*
    Avia Linden Soleil, Caitrin Meadow, Callie Rue Eliza, Esme Regina Poet, Farley Jasmine, Gaia Winter Maren, Hazel Bliss, Kendra Hollow, Linnea Echo, Oona Maple, Phoebe Calla, Rosalind Vale *Lindy*, Rowena Fate *Rowen*, Sage Mirabai, Scout Amelia

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    LN: Spall

    DH: Atlas Robert (41)
    DW: Sloane Amelie (43)

    DD: Monroe Lark (21)
    DS: Ash Declan (19)
    DD/DD: Leonora Michelle/Charlotte Nicole (16) *Leo and Charlie*
    DS/DS: Archer Hardy/Maverick Thorin (14)
    DD: Bronte McKenzie (11)
    DS/DD/DS/DD: James Anita/Keaton Oliver/Leni Aurora/Mercer Sebastian (8)
    DS: Argon Henry (5)

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