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    Ontario, Canada
    Me: Calla Eleanor, DH: Michael Robert

    1. Jack Roman (B)
    2. Avalon Verona "Ava", Odessa Holland "Dessa", Geneva Calais "Gen" & Sydney "Syd" Elba - (G/G/G/G quads)
    3. Isaac Oliver and Adrian Jonah (B/B twins)
    4. Edwin Arthur, Walter Frederick, Martha Florence & Etta Beatrice (B/B/G/G quads)
    5. ---------
    6. Archer Alec & Asher Abel (B/B twins)
    7. Florence "Flora" Juliet, Lillian "Lily" Abigail & Hazel Sabrina (G/G/G Triplets)
    8. Martin "Marty" Robert & Ella Elizabeth (B/G twins)
    9. Anne Eleanor, Alice Caroline & Amelia Jane (G/G/G triplets)
    10. Wilder Ace & Axel Zane (B/B twins)

    My 23 kids: Jack, "Ava", "Dessa", "Gen", "Syd", Isaac, Adrian, Edwin, Walter, Martha, Etta, Archer, Asher, "Flora", "Lily", Hazel, "Marty", Ella, Anne, Alice, Amelia, Wilder and Axel.

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    Your Name: Megan Elizabeth
    DH's Name: Jeremy Michael

    1. If you are female you have a boy: Charlie Luke

    2. If you are barefoot you have quadruplet girls: Odessa Sicily, Catalina Verona, Samara Venice, & Vienna Avalon

    3. If you have just the computer on you have twin boys: Oliver Breccan & Julian Isaac

    4. If you under 25 you have b/b/g/g Quads: Theodore "Theo" Edmund, Louis Victor, Ivy Anastasia, & Hazel Vivian

    5. If you in a bedroom of your house you have triplet girls: Amelia Ingrid, August Elodie, & Audrey Imogen

    6. If you prefer some other time of music you have B/B twins: Alec Abraham & Aiden Asher

    7. If you are wearing pajamas you have triplet girls: Juliet Nora, Lydia Sophie, & Charlotte Abigail

    8. If you have 1-2 siblings you have B/G twins: Max Edward & Lily Samantha

    9. If you do not have any children yet you have triplet girls: Catherine Elizabeth, Anna Carolina, & Nina Rebecca

    10.If you like Twilight you have G/G twins: Ariel Nerissa & June Marina

    NAMES OF ALL MY KIDS: Charlie, Odessa, Catalina, Samara, Vienna, Oliver, Julian, "Theo", Louis, Ivy, Hazel, Amelia, August, Audrey, Alec, Aiden, Juliet, Lydia, Charlotte, Max, Lily, Catherine, Anna, Nina, Ariel, & June <3

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