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    @asthedreamer- Anyone who doesn't see the vintage charm of Agatha and Agnes is just nuts! Both of those names are gorgeous! I'm especially tempted to use Agnes in the future!
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    Ephraim Charles
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    Cedric Jame

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    George! I absolutely adore the name George and can totally see myself with a cute chubby baby George in my arms. Any time I say I like the name though, I get the D: reaction. Same goes for Frederick and Arthur. If we lived in a perfect world I would have five boys named James, Charlie, George, Freddy, and Artie.

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    @agirlinred: I find myself getting weird reactions from people when I tell them I love old names like Louis or Arthur. I've since then been tempted to just use Arthur as a middle name.

    Ursula - I love the way this name sounds, but many (BF included) say it's too "sea witch". Honestly though, I think there are far worse things to be associated with than a cartoon villainess.

    Janice - I was ripped to shreds at a different name board over this one. I just don't get how some people can gush on and on about how they love vintage names, but think you've "really drawn the line" with others. I was almost named this so if I ever decided to use it, I would use the Janis spelling. (after Janis Joplin)

    Kent - my father's name was given poor reception as well. I have a rule that no child of mine will be named after a living relative, so I can't really use it anyway. Well, maybe as a middle name... still, I can't help but wonder why nobody liked this one.

    Leela/Lila - using the lee-lah pronunciation only. BF says it's "too Futurama", but honestly I can't think of a better spelling to get the right pronunciation across. Personally, I prefer the Lila spelling more, but many have told me they see it as LIE-lah, which I find less appealing.

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    I love George and Arthur, but haven't gotten DH's support on them.
    Rupert too, DH associates it too much with Rupert Murdoch, then looks at me like I'm batty when I don't know who that is. Rest assured, I do now but I still don't really care. I love the name.

    Both of our moms hate our boy name pick: Julian. They ganged up on us in a united front. Rare occurance.
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    I love Rupert too, but had to put it on my guilty pleasure list. I just can't see myself using it in real life. And Julian is a great name. I'm sure once your mothers meet their grandson they'll change their mind. That's always been the case in my family.


    I would love to meet a little girl named Ursula. That would totally change my image of the name. I like the idea of using Janis to honor Janis Joplin and Kent to honor your dad... maybe as middle names?

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