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    Please help me find middles for my favourite names for girls...

    I struggle with matching beautiful middle names to my favourite first names

    Please, can you help? My favourite names are...

    Catharine | Carolina | Caroline | Dearbhla | Isolde | Isola | Liberty | Madeline | Mae/May | Rosalind | Sósanna (Irish version of Susanna pron. So-Sanna)

    Also, which names do you like the most / least ?

    Thank you so much for your help!
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    Augustine nn Auguste, Diarmaid,
    Isola, Mae Genevieve, Magdalena nn Mae, Rosalinde

    Mns only...
    Aengus, Columba,
    Ada, Dearbhla, Eyre

    Bento, Bramwell, Radcliffe, River
    Genève, Genevie, Liesel, Mary Eloïse nn Mae

    Under construction.

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