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    May 2013
    1. Rosemarie Joy "Rosie"
    2. Alexis Grace
    3. Sharon Anna and Rayna Mary
    4. Tyson Esra
    5. Jackson Liam and Phillipa Grace and their daughter Cecily Pearl

    1. Name the 2055 President of the USA, his wife, his daughter, and twin sons.
    2. The next Duggar child
    3. An Amish boy
    4. a future libarian
    5. an introverted little boy who likes to draw

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    1. Logan Conner O'Hera, Bryttany Grace O'Hera, Lindsay Grace O'Hera, Lachlan Carter O'Hera and Liam Carver O'Hera
    2. Jocelyn Rachelle
    3. Issac Samuel
    4. Paulina Joy Glockner
    5. Adam James

    1. A girl who is very musical and aspires to be on Broadway
    2. A chubby boy about 15 who gets judged and bullied but has a great personality and passions
    3. French-African twins. (you choose the genders). Mother is African and father is French.
    4. The next to power in Denmark
    5. A little kid who loves cats and has 10 of them

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    1. Claire Elizabeth
    2. Callum Lucian
    3. Eloise Chinwe and Valentine Monifa
    4. Tobias Mikkel
    5. Harry James

    1. A girl who was orphaned at birth.
    2. A boy who wants to grow up to be a pilot.
    3. A spoiled brat.
    4. The identical triplets who live next door who all have the same initials.
    5. The girl going to prom in a blue dress with a boy named William.
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    1.Anna Margaret
    2. Gunnar Chase
    3.Emma Elizabeth
    4. Rachel Simone. Ruth Scarlett, and Russell Solomon
    5. Catherine Diane

    1. The fat girl in high school who looses 150lb before her 25th high school reunion.
    2. The prom king and queen
    3. The class president
    4. The nerd who now owns a billion dollar company
    5. The shy girl

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    1. Reese Genesis
    2. MacKenzie Renee and Zachary James
    3. Dillon Wayne
    4. Jared Hunter
    5. Kyla Marie

    1. The 'dreaded teacher' who makes kids stand in the corner for hours
    2. The bubbly 4-year-old who you're babysitting who refuses to go to bed.
    3. The 13-year-old clique leader who keeps up with everyone and everything
    4. The zit-faced frozen yogurt cashier
    5. The 7-year-old neighbor boy who loves to play with his toy trucks.

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