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    Karolina (Czech), Alana, and Vivianna are great names!
    *Magnolia Alice/ Evangeline Clover/ Adelaide Clover/ Athena Violet/
    Liliana Wren/ Georgiana Snow/ Eugenie Marigold/Ottilie Amina*

    *Osias Grey/August Grey/Thatcher Fox/ Ignatius Grey/Hawthorne Flynn/
    Jasper August/ *

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    Thanks so many great suggestions! It seems like quite a few like Abriana/Aubriana... (I pronounce this 'Ah-bree-ah-na' is this what you all do as well?) Someone mentioned Audrey as well...what about Audriana? What do you all think about that?

    I LOVE your suggestions, thanks! Some of my favorites are: Milana, Ariana, Eliana, Christiana!
    Currently Loving:
    Girls - Noelle, Story, Adrienne, Kensington, Tessa, Cheyenne, Brisa, Cordelia, Autumn, Tawny, Elora, Mireille, Corsica, Brienne, Caliana, Anya, Vida, Agatha, Millie, Georgia, Autumn
    Boys - Noah, Joel, Gunnar, Bronson, Jesse, Montgomery, Griffith, Nathaniel, Josiah

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