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    My girls list want some opinions.

    I posted my boys list and got some good help. So I'm gonna post my girls list now.
    The full names I like are
    Eve Noelle
    Tavi Lynn
    Clara Paige

    First names I love but can't really find the perfect middle names for:
    Tess/Tessa(I think I lean more towards Tess)

    I like to use family middle names for middle names some family names are...Connie, Charlene, Penny, Leigh (my mom and his moms first and middle names), Fern, Gladys,Hildagard,Emily,Myra,Catherine,Rose( grandmother's names) My middle name is Fawn which too would be usable...Go ahead and switch around the middle names on all the names..
    Any suggestions to names are appriciated also! I like short names or names harder to nickname normally but there are few that long names that have caught my eye. Thanks and have a good day.
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    I love Eve Noelle and Clara Paige from your short list. Not too crazy about Tavi Lynn (the two names blend into each other to form one name, Tavilynn).
    Here are some combos with your other names listed.
    Delilah Rose
    Daphne Fern
    Nora Catherine
    Elise Hildagard
    Kyra Charlene
    Evelyn Fawn
    Delaney Rose
    Lorelei Penny
    Tess Catherine
    All the best,

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    I love Eve Noelle from your list and also the first name Tavi - not necessarily w/ Lynn (I dont dislike that combo, just saying I really love the name Tavi, but with or without the lynn). I am a huge fan of Noelle and Tess/Tessa. How about combining them, Tess Noelle or Tessa Noelle? I don't really care for Clara, I dont hate it, just not a big fan, I prefer Claire. But I do think Clara Paige flows together very well. A couple possible combinations with your family/other names are:
    Evelyn Fern
    Lillian Fern
    Emily Elise
    Cora Leigh
    Evelyn Elise
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