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    Your name: Everly Addison
    DH’s name: Robbie David

    B/G : Eli Montgomery and Sunny Winona (18)
    B/B : William Curtis and Edward Matthew (16)
    G : Evelyn Viola (15)
    G/G/G : Maya Hope, Tessa Violet and Willa Rose (13)
    G: Maud Josephine (11)
    B/G: Riley Storm and Teagan Sky (10)
    B : Carter Miller (8)
    B : Scout Garrison (7)
    B : Nicholas Arthur (6)
    G : Austin Wylie (4)

    Eli, Sunny, Will, Eddy, Evie, Maya, Tessa, Willa, Maud, Riley, Teagan, Carter, Scout, Nick, Austin. (15 kids - 7 boys and 8 girls).

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    Cailyn Rhea and Reece Elliot
    We are blessed with twin girls named Haven Eliane and Serena Iris
    We are blessed again with doubles but this time boys: Alex Jasper and Antonio Ramon
    The family is filling out quite nicely so we have another baby girl: Celia Mildred
    Again with multiples, but this time THREE GIRLS! Juliana Violet, Gabriella Grace and Maisie Faith
    GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS this time just one: Carmen Ariana
    Finally some boys twins again: Josiah Carter and Reed Graydon
    Baby girl Laurel Acacia is born into our LARGE family
    Another boy Garrison Navy
    And another! Adrian Henry
    We thought we were going to have a boy, but ended up with a beautiful girl Aidan Raleigh

    Cailyn, Reece, Haven, Serena, Alex, Antonia, Celia, Juliana, Gabriella, Maisie, Carmen, Josiah, Reed, Laurel, Garrison, Adrian and Aidan

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    West Midlands, UK
    W: Kenzie Marie. D: Gregory Lake. Kids: 1) Blake Easton and Carrie Miranda. 2) No conception. 3) Matilda Beatrice. 4) Elijah Isaac and Sebastian Luke and Tobias Henry. 5) Alice Elisabeth. 6) Devon Phoenix and Scout Dakota. 7) Juniper Ash. 8) Arrow Marshall. 9) Cecilia Rue and Cato Vick. 10) Raleigh August. ~~~ Kenzie and Greg with: Blake and Carrie, Matti, Elijah and Seb and Tobias, Ali, Devon and Scout, Juno, Arrow, Ceci and Cato, and Leigh.
    Hakuna Matata * Ohana
    Octavia ~ Clark ~ Nina ~ Marshall

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