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    Need an Italian name for girl#3!

    Hi berries,
    Just found out I am having a third little girl! My daughters are named Alessia and Francesca, so we would like to stick with an Italian or Latin name. We prefer something that is not too difficult yo pronounce for an American tongue, but also not super popular. Any and all ideas are very much appreciated! Thanks!

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    Your daughters have beautiful names! I like Giovanna a lot. I saw the name Fiammetta the other day and I thought it was very cool. Adelina is also very pretty, if you don't mind another a- name. Carmela and Chiara are beautiful as well, as is Mafalda, Fabiola, Paolina, and Vincenza. Just some random name dropping!

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    Silvana, Adrianna, Aria, Celestina are my faves.

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    Your daughters have gorgeous names. I like all of the pp's suggestions . . . I would only add:


    I could have added a bunch more. There are so many beautiful Italian/ Latina names out there. How nice to have so many options that would sound great with your daughters names'. But I'm sure it will be difficuly to narrow it down to one choice!

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