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    Your brutally honest opinions of the name Blair?

    What do you think when you hear it or meet someone with Blair as a first name? Love it, hate it? Do you think it's "boring" or is it simply short and crisp, as I perceive it? Does it fit well for a young woman in the professional world?

    Asking because I've been considering changing my first name. I'm in my 20s and just trying to establish myself in the world, so I figure soon-ish might be a better time than later to pull the trigger (or rather, send the forms to the courthouse).

    My parents could have done far worse, but I never thought my first name quite suited my personality. Yeah, I know first names aren't destiny or anything, but I thought I'd get used to it or somehow "grow into" the name by now - but it still doesn't seem right when I introduce myself. I always loved the name Blair (met a few growing up) and can picture myself with the name. I can see myself introducing myself with a short and crisp, non-girly but still fairly traditional-sounding name and Blair seems to fit the bill. If you know any similar ones, I'd like suggestions also.

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    And as for what I'd be changing it from: my first name is not actually Mitsouko. It starts with a C and ends with a long e and is of Greek origin. My parents chose it in the '80s because they wanted something classic, sophisticated and not "boring" (it's a revival of a name popular in the 19th century; historically popular in France and Britain). They'd never met anyone with the name and decided on it at the beginning of the trend, but it's become extremely trendy in two decades following.

    This isn't a huge issue, but it's gotten so popular that it seems like every other person I meet tells me they have a younger relative (or daughter of a friend, or something) with my name. (I've also met a lot of people who talk about pets with my name and personally met a horse with it, but that's neither here nor there as people name pets a bit of everything.) I know many people my with my name who are my age and older exist, but I haven't met them. It's sort of odd to have a name I was given at the beginning of (what my parents never anticipated would be) a huge trend, as I was the only one I knew with it growing up.

    As you can see, my name has become dramatically more popular since I was born, although it appears to be leveling off but still climbing:

    Blair, OTOH, has been on the downtrend since the '80s. This would make my name more unique over time, rather than less (unless it becomes a trend):

    This won't be a deciding factor, but it's interesting to note the trends when comparing these two names.

    Opinions, questions, comments and ideas welcome.

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    Honestly, I find Blair to be really dated. I just think of the rich, snobby girl from "The Facts of Life". I vastly prefer Chloe. Have you considered going by your middle name? I know a few people who felt the need to go by something different in college, so they went by their middle name instead of their first.

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    I love the name Blair. I think it works well for any age. I am not a huge fan of Chloe. It makes me think of a young child or a baby, not a name that ages well. I also like the name Blythe.

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    I like both names. Chloe, in my mind, is as much a tomboy as she is classy and sophisticated, free-spirited and childish at the same time she is womanly and mature. Blair, on the other hand, is edgy, quirky, unique, androgynous, and has a dark side. From a professional standpoint, I see a Chloe getting hired more easily than a Blair. (please vote!)

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