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Thread: Catalina?

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    No, because it's too similar to Catalina Harbor. Just use Rowan or something if you want a tree name.
    Catalina is Spanish for Catherine, so why not continue the theme?
    Catalina Luisa
    Catalina Isabel
    Catalina Engracia
    Catalina Rosa
    Catalina Pilar
    Catalina Luz
    Catalina Ines

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    i was thinking that catalina is good name to name my little girl when i grow up. i nickname for catalina ( pronouncing it like cAt a LEEN a) whould be cat . i think my child whould like this nickname and whould be happy . its odd and i like being diffrent and want to show my children not to be afraid to be diffrent

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    Am I the only one thinking "f*****g Catalina wine mixer"? (Stepbrothers)

    That being said, it's a beautiful name, but I much prefer Carolina.
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    My name is Catalina and my MN is Rosalie. I had always wanted to be a Catalina Adeline, a Catalina Grace, or a Catalina Skye.

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