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    Quiz & Challenge CAF BNG

    Answer the question about yourself then choose a name that fits the limit.

    Choosing the LN:

    Are you...
    White or platinum haired? Choose a 3-4 letter LN
    Blonde of any other shade? Choose the LN from a show or book you like
    Brown haired? Make your LN end in -on
    A rainbow color haired? Pick a common LN
    Black or grey or silver haired? Use a variation of your own LN (not too identifying, of course)

    Naming DH:

    Are you...
    Under 18? Give him a nature FN and a soft MN
    In your 20s? Make his FN and MN end in -y
    In your 30s? Give him a country FN and start his MN with F
    In your 40s? Give him a short FN and two middles
    In your 50s? Start his FN with G and MN with I
    60+? Honor him with a FN and MN of people you know

    Naming DW:

    Are you..
    Not in high school yet? Give her a colorful FN and a short MN
    In high school? Give her a unigender FN and a flowery MN
    In college? Give her a sharp sounding FN and a flowy MN
    Out of school? Give her a Guilty pleasure FN and a MN you don't really like

    Naming DD1:

    Are you currently...

    Barefoot? Name her FN & MN using place names
    In socks? Give her a feminine FN and a unigender MN
    Wearing slippers? Give her a soft gentle FN & MN
    Wearing sandals or flip-flops? FN starts with A, MN starts with Z
    Wearing socks and shoes? Give her an adventurous FN and a poetic MN
    Wearing shoes, no socks? Give her a bold FN and a common MN

    Naming DS1:

    Do you...

    Not drive at all? Give him a FN starting with V and a MN starting with R
    Drive a car? Give him a vintage FN and sporty MN
    Drive a motorcycle? Give him a musical FN and end his MN with E
    Drive a truck or SUV? Give him a friendly FN and a fantastical MN
    Drive a van? Start his FN with the letter his MN ends in

    Naming DD2:

    Right now is it...
    8 am to noon? Give her a FN you love and a MN with sass
    1201 to 4 pm? Give her an outdoorsy FN and a springtime MN
    401 to 8 pm? Name her something warm and soft for FN & MN
    801 to midnight? Name her something wild and rogue for FN & MN
    1201 to 4 am? End her FN with either H or S and her MN with either T Or L

    Naming DS 2

    Does your FN start with...

    A vowel? Give him a place name for FN and a word name for MN
    A consonant? Give him an artistic FN and clunky MN

    Naming the twin girls :

    Are you...

    6ft or over/182.88cm? Give them matchy-matchy FN and MN that are totally different
    Over 5ft but under 6/(over 152.4 cm)? Give them exact match initials with two MN
    Under 5 ft/152.4cm? Give them completely different FN and then MN that are 1 to 2 letters off from one another (Cari and Cara)

    Naming the twin boys:

    Is your birthday in...

    Jan-Mar? Give them both cre8tivly spelled FN and MN beginning in E
    Apr-Jun? Give them FN that share 0 letters in common and MN that share at least 4 letters in common
    July-Sep? Give them hefty, manly FN and MN that rhyme with each other
    Oct-Dec? Give them nicknamey FN and 2 hyphenated MN

    Naming the dog (last one)

    If youre wearing glasses or contacts it's a female
    If not it's male

    Are you...

    Green or hazel eyed? Give it a human name
    Brown or blackish eyed? Give it a food name
    Blue or Grey eyed? Give it a place name
    Two different color eyed? Give it an animal name like tiger

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    LN: Olson
    DH: Sycamore Todd
    DW: Jordin Orchid
    kids: Australia Teagin, Henry Arthur Jensen, Maple Breeze, Hay Field Fence, Bethea Greta, Britton Grace, Atom Esau, Nukleis Evan
    dog: Tony
    Mother of a little boy Evan Isaac Esau Jackson who was adopted July 17, 2010

    boys: Ace, Arthur, Brooks, Chance, Christopher, Declan, Evan, Franklin, Gwaine, Jason, Jethro, John, Kendrew, Kenneth, Levi, Nicholas, Percival, Samuel, Shelton, Sylvester, Timothy, Thaddeus, Tobias, Tucker, Wyatt, Zackary. . .

    girls: Astrid, Brandylan, Bethia, Bridget, Brynna, Damia, Edith, Edlyn, Franklyn, Georgia, Isabeau, Johnna, Liberty, Nicole, Orinthia, Samuella. . .

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    Baby Boys: Oisín Thomas Jude - Rónán Emmanuel James - Ciarán Oscar William - Cinéad Robert Fionn - Cillian Éamon Vincent

    Darling Daughters: Orla Constance Eilís - Helena Cecilia Maud "Nellie" - Honora Veronica Alice "Nora" - Gráinne Rosalind Niamh - Moira Susanna Audrey

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    London, England
    DH: Timothy Grey Hastings
    DW: Frida Eleni Hastings

    DD1: Clara Nightingale Hastings
    DS1: Vincent Rhapsody Hastings
    DD2: Dagny Poesi Hastings
    DS2: Gustav Martinus Hastings
    DD3/DD4: Ella Albertine Claire Hastings & Esther Agatha Campbell Hastings
    DS3/DS4: Yohan Edward Hastings & Graeme Everett Hastings

    Dog: Milo
    Clara Misha Esther Agnes •• Gustav Vincent Graham

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