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    Jul 2013
    I know several sets of twins in the area I live. I think it may be something in the water here

    G/G: June Penelope and Iris Wilhelmina (7 months)
    B/G: Luca and Nova (I'd guess they are about 4)
    G/G: Matilda Cheyenne and Vivian Eileen (17 years old)
    B/G: Otis and Heidi (They are probably 8 or 9)
    B/G: James and Christine (They are 13)
    Step-Mother to three lovely children - Josiah Lewis (14), Stella Evangeline (8), and Emma Catherine (4)

    Expecting Baby Chicken on February 3, 2014
    It's a boy!
    Rhys Andrew, Milo Andrew, Conrad Henry, or August Henry/August Charles

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    Kate Sarah and Emma Jane (my sister and I)
    Cooper and Trafford
    Victoria and Anthony
    Abbie and Maria
    Hamish and Marlie
    Arg my minds gone blank. I'm sure I know more

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    I know friends through friends who have 2 sets of fraternal twins. 2 year old boys, Nathan and Ryan and 6 month old girls, Lauren and Katie.
    My 2nd cousins are Ian & Tina
    At work I knew of Twin girls called Rio & Savanah
    Tegan & Tia (referred to as TNT)
    In school i knew fraternal twingirls named Farideh & Sohailah

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    Cora & Sylvia (<6 months)
    John "Jack" & Charlotte (mid 20s)
    Hunter & Austin (mid 20s, b/b)
    Branden & Brynn (schoolage)
    Abigail "Abby" & Erin (schoolage)
    Greg & Zach (20s)
    Holly & Haley (20s)--I only knew Holly, but when you ask her what her sister's name is she says it and then goes, "Yeah, yeah. I know" as though she's sick of people pointing out the matchiness.
    Lisa & Erica (late teens)
    Sebastian & Gregory (early teens)
    Louise "Lou" & John "Jack" (20s)
    Romina & Gabriela (teens)
    Kylie & Jamie (20s, g/g)
    Tiffany & Kimberly (early 20s)
    Maya & Victor (20s)

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