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    New Hampshire
    Twins are not common in my family and friends, I can only think of one off the top of my head, not even born yet!

    Logan Alexander & Jack Michael
    Caroline Frances Luna ~ Clarity Anneliese Kate ~ Josephine Louisa Danielle
    Marilyn Lucille ~ Rosemary Margaret Jayne ~ Seraphina Ruby Elizabeth

    David Theodore John ~ Elijah Laurence Rhys ~ Ezra William Beau
    Frederick Benjamin Roger ~ Julian Samuel James ~ Logan Christopher Knightley

    Literary GP Combos
    Charlotte Pemberley Jane ~ Philippa Austen Rose

    Expecting Spring 2016!

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    Yorkshire, UK
    B/G Twins
    Stuart and Helen
    Callum and Shannon
    Connor and Emily

    G/G Twins
    Sharon and Ellen
    Jasmine and Jessica
    Sarah and Jessica
    Rachel and Emily
    Charlotte and Alexandra

    B/B Twins
    Thomas and David
    Thomas and Benjamin

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    British Columbia
    Justin and Christopher
    Zakeri and Coleton
    Tianna and Shayna
    Courtney and Colleen
    Vanessa and Kalleigh
    Emma and Jillian
    Garrett and Brianna

    That's all I can remember from high school! I know we had more, but I can't remember any!
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    Last edited by ssterikoff; July 25th, 2013 at 12:44 PM. Reason: I remembered Ashley's name after I hit post

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    Claire and Eliza (love this one!)
    Cora and Adeline nn Addie (swoon!)
    Sofia and Keith (Keith is pretty cool, not as impressed with Sofia)
    Tobias nn Toby and Elise nn Lulu (nms, but still very interesting)
    Previous account: elrock13

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