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    Dec 2012
    Southern Tennessee, believe it or not.
    Kayla and Sara, 13
    Adam and Ryan, 8 (identical)
    Alyssa and Emily, 11 (identical)
    Emily and Julia, 17-ish (identical)
    Shiloh and Abigail, 8 or 9 (identical, Shiloh is a girl)
    Tucker and Theo, 3
    Madison, 14-year-old name nerd! My style is all over the place, my favorites change all the time.

    Boys: David, Eric, Finlay, George, James, Jude, Lee, Michael, Paul, Richard, Rory.

    Girls: Emmanuelle, Frederica, Jayne, Juliet, Lauren, Mary, Molly, Nora, Raffaela, Stella.

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    May 2009
    Iowa, USA
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    Nov 2012
    I know:
    Caitlin and Keara
    Maggie and Jamie
    Josh and Joe
    Mitch and Matt
    Katherine and Matthew ( Katie and Matt)
    the youngest pair I know is
    John and Elliotte
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    Jun 2013
    I don't know any young twins... these are all 20+

    Krista and Kyle
    Callie and Zoe
    Kara and Kelsey
    Brandon and Mackenzie
    Sophia and Tiffany
    Laura and Michael
    Rosalie (Rosie) and Alexandra (Allie)
    Vanessa and Valora
    Matthew and Nicholas
    Avis and Ardis (they're in their 80s)
    Kara and Brianna

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