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    Baby Center's Celebrity Baby Name Generator

    Give your first and middle name (or your partner's), plus choose your favorite animal from the list, then see what you might name your baby if you were a celebrity for a laugh!

    I got Gandalf Lorax for a boy and Miu Miu Magic for a girl. My husband, who is both a Lord of the Rings and Dr. Seuss fan, thinks Gandalf Lorax is actually pretty cool. ... No, honey, (And I'm not adding Gandalf to the "Middles for Alexander" list either.)

    Using his info, he got Cosmo Apollo for a boy and Fifi Sugar for a girl. Those aren't that bad... I actually kinda like Cosmo Apollo, although I would prefer Cosmas Apollo or Cosmo Apollon so both name didn't end with "o". Fifi's a cute nickname, but I definitely wouldn't put it on the birth certificate!
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    Hah, fun.

    I got
    Galina Green - girl
    Ulysses Earl - boy

    He got
    Poodle Aurora - girl
    Tango Monaco boy

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    For a boy I got Zelig Wedge
    For a girl I got Kitty-Cat Blanche

    Wow these are awful.
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    For a boy - Duke Scooter
    For a girl - Gidget Faun

    And using my boyfriend's name...

    Boy - Frodo Ferrari
    Girl - Lunar Doon

    Ha ha!
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    Boy - Wylie Worf
    Girl - Cher Aire

    Using SO's name:
    Boy - Zorba Chance
    Girl - Kiki Fountain

    Just horrible, haha!
    expecting a baby girl in april

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