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    What do you look for most in a name?

    Is it the sound? The origin? The "genre" (old lady, saint name, etc.)? While all these are important factors in choosing a name, what is the absolute number one criterion for you?

    For me, it's versatility. I want my future child to be able to fit in as a soft-spoken, straight-A student, but also as a punk skateboarder who has never gotten above a C in their life. I want it to look good with "MD" written after it, but also to look good on a movie premier poster. I find unusual names are quite good for this - no one (I the US, anyway) has any stereotype whatsoever of an Anwen, so she can be whatever she wants and fit in.
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    I look for versatility as well.

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    I look for names that sound good and don't have any horrible associations in my life.
    If I find that it's hard for me to spell a name or pronounce it, it's out (but Myfanwy is on my list because I memorized how to say it, lol).
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    I suppose sound is probably number one, because it's from that that I can almost create a picture or image, or get a certain 'feeling' from a name. It's what I base my opinions of a name around, if I don't have any other strong association. But at the same time associations, name length, and meaning can also be deal breakers or makers.
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    I think I'm just naturally drawn to old Victorian style names for girls, but boys I'm not as fussed with a particular genre. I go mainly on positive imagery - Doris makes me picture a sweet little Victorian girl with blonde pigtails, throwing tea parties and picking flowers, etc, however Bellatrix makes me picture Bellatrix from Harry Potter - not so positive.
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