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    How would you say...

    One of my new favorite names is Kanaan (usually spelt with a C).
    Would this name be one of those names that people ALWAYS pronounce wrong? Or is it simple enough?
    Being fairly religious, this name naturally rolled off my tongue. Was it like that for anyone else?

    It's pronounced Kay-nan.

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    I would never guess KAY-nan (sounds too much like canine if you ask me).

    I would have said KAH-nan or maybe kuh-NAHN. It honestly doesn't really sound like a name though.
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    maybe; Maud, Effy/Euphemia, William and Eoghan
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    I would say KAY-nuhn.
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    I read it as kuh-nan.

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    In the old folk songs it's KAY-nan. (or KAY-nan land)

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