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    Baby Name Regret - still - after 4 years!

    My twin daughters are now 4 and I'm still regretting one of their names, daily. It's something I can't come to terms with! I posted about this a few years ago and here we are in the same predicament. She's Ella Emilia and her sister is Savanna Yasmin (Yas-meen). The thing that bothers me is that there are a million Ella's everywhere we go, the park, the mall, living on our street.

    I wanted my girls to be Stella and Savanna but my husband was not into Stella - so we compromised with Ella. The girls came early and I think I ended up rushing feeling pressure to name my preemies! Of course she knows her name now and we can't change that. But - I have a strong desire to change her birth certificate to something longer - that could shorten to Ella. I think she will appreciate it when she's older to have an option for something else not so common and more unique.

    Nicknames we call her are Ellaby and Ellabell - but I'm not sure if those are fitting for a proper first name?

    If anyone has any suggestions about name ideas I would be so grateful to receive your ideas! Thank you so much Berries!

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