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  • Margaret, Eleanora, William

    29 64.44%
  • Meg(an), Nora, Liam

    16 35.56%
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    Do Berries prefer longer classic names, or their nicknames and offshoots?

    My DH and I are TTC soon, and we have decided on the names we like. However, I am stuck between naming our children with classic Victorian-esque names and then using nicknames, or choosing shorter Irish-sounding variations. We have a common, one-syllable last name. Please help us decide. Thanks!

    Margaret Annaliese vs. Megan Elise
    Eleanora Christine vs. Nora Christine
    William Geoffrey vs. Liam Geoffrey

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    It depends. If you name your child Theodore just to get to Theo and you plan on using Theodore once a year, then I'm all for the shorter name. If you name your kid Elizabeth because you love it and call her Ellie or Liz most of the time but still use Elizabeth, then I say choose the longer name.

    Margaret Annaliese vs. Megan Elise - would Margaret Elise be an option? I much prefer Margaret to Megan but like Elise better than Annaliese
    Eleanora Christine vs. Nora Christine - I usually prefer the longer El- name but I never much like Eleanora (though I do like Eleonora and Eleanor)
    William Geoffrey vs. Liam Geoffrey - here my above rule would apply. Do you plan on calling William, William? Or just Liam?

    Ophelia Rosalind Clara & Elliott Victor Frederick

    Aurora Fleur Juliet "Flora" | Penelope Alice Octavia | Hugo Kasimir Edmund

    Arthur Caspian Henry | Rose Cordelia ?

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    Thank you! I think we would rarely call them by their longer names, but I love the way they look on paper, especially when they win awards or if they write any books or become doctors. I am also very into Victorian literature! But to answer your question, they would mostly go by the shorter names. Any more thoughts? Keep the suggestions coming.
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    I was going to vote the first one, but at the same time there are some ' nn names ' that I love, like Megan.

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    Yeah, my DH and I both love Megan!!! Glad someone shares the same sentiment; it seems like quite a few people on Berry dislike it. Anyone else, thoughts?

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