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    I know two identical girls called Emelie & Felicia and a pair of fraternal boys called Oliwer & Wilmer.

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    Jun 2010
    Lilly and Leah
    Andre and Aaron
    Damian and Julian
    Maunakea and Maunaloa (g. and b.)
    Timothy and Alexander
    Robert and Alison
    Hannah and Amy
    Anna and Eleanor
    Raphael, Daniel, Luca, William, Alexander, Casimir
    Sophia, Amelia, Lily, Cassandra, Charlotte, Genevieve

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    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Elise and Ryan
    Luca and Milton (g and b)
    Mary-Katherine and Michael
    David and Scott
    Christina and Benjamin
    Phoebe and Sophia
    Victoria and Max
    Gerald and Ford
    Dolphy and Vina
    Steven and Irwin

    I also know two sets of triplets:
    Caitlin, Justin, and Liam
    India, Jasmin, and Madeline
    Caroline ❀
    teenager, animal lover, aspiring writer, theater kid, comedy fan, and total nerd
    "You can tell how smart someone is by what they laugh at." -Tina Fey

    Ladies- Cecilia, Louise, Juliet, Opal, Mira, and Audrey
    Gents- Judson, Nathan, Levi, Leo, Lyle, Archer, and Orin

    Feel free to drop me a message. I'd love to chat ♥

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    Jackson and Christian (20’s)
    Faith and Mercy (30’s)
    Tyler and Chloe (10-ish)
    Nina and Elisa (20’s)

    I really like Nina's and Elisa’s names. They are fraternal but look indistinguishable. It is nice that they have different names. It allowed them to be distinct individuals, not just part of a set.

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