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    I also prefer Hazel with Bay, since they seem to go better together. Clementine is gorgeous, but Clementine seems a little mismatched with Bay. Bay is a really cool name, btw! I like Hazel and Bay more, but I could really see either working.

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    I think Clementine sounds better with Bay, but either would be cute. I prefer the name Hazel. And I love Bay!

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    Hazel sounds much better with Bay. And I actually prefer it to Clementine, so my vote goes to Hazel

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    Thank you for all of your replies! I guess I can't go wrong with either but since my husband isn't too keen on Clementine, we might settle on Hazel. I think sometimes when I have a name in my mind for so many years, it starts to lose its 'freshness' and then it begins to seem a little boring so I try to replace it with something less safe.
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