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Thread: Top Five.

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    Cair Paravel :)

    Top Five.

    I've been searching for some new options for my top choice for a girl (and, apparently, rekindling my love for any other Isabelle combo I've considered seriously), and I've come up with a top five. WDYT? Which would you choose? Grace honors my grandma.

    Isabelle Aurora Grace
    Isabelle Ayelet Grace
    Isabelle Callista Grace
    Isabelle Daphne Grace
    Isabelle Violet Grace

    And just in case everyone votes for Isabelle Violet Grace, which I kinda think everyone will... I don't know that I'll chose that. Violet is already on my top 10, and I think I'd like it to be an option for a second daughter. I haven't decided for sure, which is why Violet is still an option. So if Violet's your top choice, which would be your second choice?

    Also, do you like Isabelle Violet Grace as a combo better, or Isabelle and Violet as sisters?


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    My favorite is Isabelle Daphne Grace. Violet reminds me too much of the word "violate" and the related French word for rape, so I would never use it.

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    Although I love Isabelle Violet Grace, my vote goes to either Isabelle Ayelet Grace or Isabelle Daphne Grace. I love them all, actually.

    I just adore Isabelle and Violet as sisters!
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    I think all of your Isabelle combos are quite lovely! I love Violet as a sister for Isabelle (though Isabelle Violet Grace is really pretty as well). Does Ayelet rhyme with Violet? Is it pronounced eye-uh-let? I think my absolute favorite Isabelle combo of yours is Isabelle Ayelet Grace (Ayelet's a beautiful gem of a name!), but I am thinking that if you name Isabelle's sister Violet, Ayelet might be kind of too close in sound to Violet...even though you'd be using it as a middle for Isabelle & not a first. Just some thoughts. I think I like the remaining combos almost equally, but prefer them in this order: Isabelle Aurora Grace, Isabelle Callista Grace, & Isabelle Daphne Grace.

    Best wishes to you!
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    Cair Paravel :)
    Thanks, everyone! I'm glad I'm not the only ones to like these combos, haha.

    I'm still undecided, but I usually do come back to Isabelle Aurora Grace and Isabelle Ayelet Grace. Soo. Knowing me, I'm guessing that's where I'll end up.

    nameseeker3--Ayelet is said like ah-yeh-let. I think the emphasis is supposed to be on the last syllable.

    Also, my second favorite girls' name is Arianne Eleanor Kate--I'm just curious which you think goes best with that?

    Still deciding, but I am loving your opinions!

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