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    Rhode Island
    Me: Maggie Renee Hardy.

    Husband: Dallas Alexander Hardy.

    1. Xavier Bennett Hardy.
    2. Madeleine Teresa Hardy.
    3. Rue Mark Hardy.
    4. Susan Anabel Hardy.
    5. Cat Kayla Hardy.
    6. Stevie Dawn Hardy.
    7. Stephanie Michelle Hardy.
    8. Amanda Therese Hardy.
    9. Jordan Kelsey Hardy.
    10. Rainbow Diana Hardy.
    11. Dash Kyle Hardy.
    12. Dana Shelly Hardy.
    13. Sapphire Marissa Hardy.
    14. Gem Emily Hardy.
    15. Belle Patricia Hardy.
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    Your Name: Sierra Ann Johnson
    Wifey's Name: Kirsten Elizabeth Johnson

    #1: Girl Girl Boy Triplets
    Annaleigh Elizabeth
    Bianca Renee
    Charlie James

    #2 Twin Boys
    Duncan Matthew
    Elliott Nicholas

    #3 Twin Boys
    Ferris Arthur
    Gulliver August

    #4 Triplet boys
    Harvey Escher
    Ian Judah
    Jonas Aslan

    #5 Boy Girl Twins
    Kermit Sawyer
    Lucy Mae

    #6 Twin Girls
    Mabel Ann
    Nora Eden

    #7 Triplet Boys
    Oliver Beckett
    Peter Louis
    Quimby Winston

    #8 Boy Boy Girl Triplets
    Ruby Alonna
    Sebastian Milo
    Tobias Lincoln

    #9 Quads 2 Boy 2 Girl
    Uriana Pearl
    Violet Helena
    Walter Rhys
    Xavier Rain

    #10 Girl Girl Boy Triplets
    Yvaine Susannah
    Zooey April
    Alastair True

    oh em gee.

    Sierra Ann
    No babies yet, just novel babies!
    Charlie, August, Jonas, Lincoln, Beckett, Whittaker
    Aurelie, Carolina, Lorelei, Selah, Annelie, Coralie

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    Top Girls: Lyra Bronte Plum, Fable Hermione Penrose, Carys Ophelia Delphine, Danae Juniper Beatrix, Malta Briar Clementine
    Top Boys: Soren Albus Gawain, Valo Caspian Rigby, Gable Marius Orion, Emrys Malachy Noble, Clancy Auberon Frost

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    Cair Paravel :)
    twenty-something namenerd & aspiring novelist

    Isabelle Aurora Grace + Caleb Elias Joseph + Arianne Eleanor Daisy + Everett Joshua Charles + Olivia Wren Camille
    Grant Frédéric Conrad + Violet Emilia Mary + Casper Nathaniel Eden + Grace Odilia Lily + Samuel Gaspard John

    I've recently started a new story--feel free to come along with me for the journey!
    Chapter 1 is up! And an author's note! (Alas, don't get too excited.)

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