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    Mar 2013
    Nebraska, USA
    Me: Meaghan Marie (42)
    DH: John Michael (43)

    DD: Aubriella Braelyn (22)
    DD: Kaia Avalon (21)
    DS: Aidyn Ryker (20)
    DD: Taylee-Rose Amethyst (17)
    DD: Lyric Amelie (16)
    DS: Asher Tobias (14)
    DS: Evander August (13)
    DD: Coralie Rhiannon (11)
    DS: Jasper Avery (10)
    DD/DD: Guinevere Faye & Rowan Claire (8)
    DS: Merrick Rune (7)
    DD: Aveline Saoirse (5)
    ~Meaghan Marie (27) & John Michael (28)~
    ~ Aubriella Braelyn (1/20/07) ~ Kaia Avalon (10/28/2008) ~ Aidyn Ryker (10/13/09) ~
    ~ Taylee-Rose Amethyst (1/22/12) ~ Lyric Amelie (7/27/13) ~ Asher Tobias (9/16/14) ~

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    Apr 2011
    Me: Elaine Anne Gooden (62)
    Husband: Jack Edward Gooden (64)

    DD1: Nina Carleigh Malcomb (33)
    -Husband: Skyler Patrick Malcomb (37)
    --DS1: André Robert Malcomb (10)
    --DS2: Woodrow Luke Malcomb "Woody" (9)
    --DD1: Marcy Hope Malcomb (2)

    DD2: Andrea Margot French (29)
    -Husband: Lindsay Delias French (30)
    --DD1/DD2: Maxine Quinn French and Misha Iris French

    DS1: Nicholas Derek Gooden (19)

    DS2: Hector Brad Gooden (17)
    A sixteen year old name addict.

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    Dec 2013
    Currently Loving:
    Addison, Britton, Ella, Cara, Kennedy, & Leighton
    Beckett, Hudson, Greyson, Drew, Finn, & Hunter
    name suggestions are welcome any time, message me!

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    Aug 2013
    Danville, Tri-State Area
    You are 35 years old and you name is Abigael Caroline
    Your husband is 36 years old and his name is Marcel Timothy

    Adalyn Faith: 7 years old, birthday April 18th, friendly, sweet, shy, energetic!

    Lila Katriel: 4 years old, birthday September 1st, sporty, daddy's girl, little fireball, talkative

    Carter James: 18 months, birthday June 17th, sporty, big brother, funny

    Avery Lorelai: 18 months, birthday June 17th, sweet, girly, adorable, lovable

    Brooklyn Hope: 18 months, birthday June 17th, diva, dramatic, future dancer, adorable

    Sadie Caroline: 18 months, birthday June 17th, mischievous, curious, likes to sneak away, like a ninja!

    Nolan Robert: 18 months, birthday June 17th, smart, shy, funny, little man
    You can call me Abby
    Competitive dancer, hopeful writer, high school sophomore,
    and most importantly, name obsessed

    Dancing Queens
    ♕Lila|Violet|Maeve|Sadie|Iris|Margo|Moira|Elsie| Nola|Saela♕

    Soccer Gents
    ♔Leo|Carter|Jasper|Archer|Torin|Seamus|August| Malcolm|Ronan|Nolan♔

    Lila Persephone|Violet Evangeline|Iris Madgalen
    Jasper Elias|Archer Murray|Nolan Shepherd

    Maeve Ottilie and August Laurence

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    Jan 2014
    Me: Scarlet Athena (35)
    DH: William Scott (36)

    DD: Pandora Phaedra Imogen (10)- She is smart, spontaneous, a bit rebellious & talkative.
    DS: Caspian Indigo Edmund (8)- He is loud, funny, inquisitive, curious & a bit of a trouble maker.
    DD: Evanthe Lyra Jessamine (4)- She is quiet, caring, thinks things through, but stands up for what she thinks is right
    DS: Phoenix Sylas Fabian "Phinn" (2)- He is thoughtful, shy, helpful, adored by his brother and sisters.
    Wholock | Historian | Biochemist | Single Pringle | Teenberry (16)
    Hoping to be a mummy in the future. Dreaming of...
    Caspian Sherlock Walter, Phoenix Arthur Blaise, Ptolemy Alexander Remus, Horatio Albert Louis ✦
    Mister Men

    Pandora, Georgiana, Lyra, Fae, Clara, Hermione, Alexandria, Evanthe, Persephone, Beatrix
    Little Misses

    Please click here to help me decide on some combos. Thanks! Refresh if you get an error message.

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