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    Usually I think everyone just complains about any change before they get used to it, but I would have to say I'm in agreement here. Specifically, it drives me crazy that I can't see the threads I commented on the way I could before. Yes, I can go to my profile and "see all posts," but it doesn't tell me when the last comment was added or by whom. Do I really have to click on each thread before I know if there's a new comment? I also liked how you could get to the threads you commented on from about anywhere in the forum. I would say my visits to this site have decreased by about 75% since the format changed.

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    Just clicked on "find all posts," and yes, it is all posts SINCE the change. (please vote!)

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    I am a newer user, so I have no idea what the previous forums were like, but I agree that these forums lack some intuitiveness. I find it very hard to find the forums that I have commented on previously, and I really like to see what others have to say, and when relevant, what the parents decided to name their children, after all. It's a bit frustrating!

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