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    I like quick reply but I can't figure out how to make my own topic on here... And I need help

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    Jan 2011
    I completely disagree! I am very happy with the new setup. I love the quick reply and the way when you hover over a topic you can read the first couple of lines in order to decide if you want to see the whole thread.
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    count me in for a vote against the new format for all the afore mentioned reasons!

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    I think its horrible! the new forums are so clinical. Nameberry is a fun and exciting site, its supposed to be youthful and interesting but the new look is absolutely awful! I went to try and do a name game but i actually got so frustrated with the new look i gave up, which i feel sad about cause seriously i love doing name games!

    when i was trying to post in the name game, i would type and then after typing the cursor would go back to the top of the page and then id have to scroll back down to find where i was.

    Please can we have the old set up back. i liked how it was colourful, we could bold,undeline,italic and make our font coloured.


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    I found the new profile thing also very confusing. I wasnted to go and look back through my old posts but when i clicked view posts i could only see the last one i did, where i wanted to look back through several.

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