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    1. Three boys- Edouard Roman, Thaddeus Rory, and Indigo Regis
    2. Three girls- Wisteria Mignon, Mnemosyne Artemis, and Dulcinea Faun
    3. Five kids (you choose the genders)- Theophilos Giovanni, Honora Iris, Oswald Kaspian, Lirit Norrie, and Blaise Finn
    4. Sextuplets- three boys three girls- Ilaria Tamsin, Peregrine Leland, Seamus North, Beckett Castor, Anjalie Ara, and Klori Kassandra.
    5. Two kids- one boy and one girl- Genenieve Germaine and Darius Drinian
    6. One kid (you choose the gender)- Massima Korra or Milo Kenneth

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    Sometimes, my southern comes out in name games... oops

    DD: Korra Jane
    DS: Currently undecided (my fiancee's fault!)

    Currently Loving...
    Little Ladies: Cora, Jane, Sadie, Scarlett, Ophelia, Macy, & Paisley
    Southern Gents: Remington, Jasper, River, Spencer, Carter, Micah, & Colby

    No babies yet, just a fur mommy to two kitties... Aleelah Mae & Lulu Belle!

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    1. Three boys- Eric Russell, Tallas Ruffin and Iago Rufous
    2. Three girls- Willow Mira, Mariska Audrey, and Daphne Frost
    3. Five kids (you choose the genders)- Temperance Georgia, Halley Ianthe, Octavia Katherine, Lucrezia Nadine, and Buster Forrest
    4. Sextuplets- three boys three girls- Ian Thomas, Phineas Leif. Sam Nicodemus, Belisent Cordelia. Alexandra Amaryllis and Kriszia Katherine.
    5. Two kids- one boy and one girl- George Garrick and Dinah Dagny
    6. One kid (you choose the gender)- Maximus Karl

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    1. Three boys

    Ezra Reid
    Toby Rafferty
    Icarus Raymond

    2. Three girls

    Waverly Morgan
    Maura Avery
    Dawn Famke

    3. Five kids (you choose the genders)

    Talitha Greer
    Henrietta Ivy
    Oliver Kai
    Leopold Noam
    Blythe Fatima

    4. Sextuplets- three boys three girls

    Iris Taryn
    Percival Logan
    Skye Natalia
    Bennett Callen
    August Allen
    Kirsten Kensington

    5. Two kids- one boy and one girl

    Garrett Grayson
    Dahlia Donnelly

    6. One kid (you choose the gender)

    Mercy Kate

    Current Favorites: Emmeline, Claire, Verity, Starling, Iris, Jane, Elodie, Gemma, Freya, Molly, Blythe, Nova, Schuyler, Maisie, Maura, Acacia, Quinn, Jade, Kenzie, Josephine

    Caspian, Rafferty, Bennett, Mercer, Callen, August, Grayson, Asa, Jory, Holden, Jameson, Soren, Ashley, Phoenix, Liam, Josiah, Declan, Adlai, Ezra, Kai

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