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    Namebank CAF (Sci-fi TV Names)

    The two things I love more than life itself are names and sci-fi TV shows. So I figured, why not combine the two in a BNG. The names listed below have been taken from a variety of TV shows including Firefly, Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13, Fringe, Stargate (SG1, Atlantis, Universe), Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT), Defiance, Haven, Eureka, Farscape, Sanctuary, Sliders, Alphas, Being Human, Dollhouse, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Angel and X-Files. Hope you enjoy this sci-fi CAF!

    LN: Summers, Washburne, Tam, Adama, Bishop, Anders, Hammond, Donovan, Tarr, Montgomery, Garland, Rygel, Harken, Boyd, Reynolds.

    DH: Simon, Xander, Gaius, Steven, Francis, John, Luc, Tuvok, Travis, Datak, Nathan, Wade, Victor, Gunn, T’ealc.

    DW: Serra, Dawn, Dualla, Irene, Kathryn, Dana, Nyira, Zhaan, Mallory, Adelle, Clara, Samantha, Janika, B’Elanna, Scully.

    DS: Connor, Ianto, Julian, Troi, Rupert, Beckett, Wells, Saul, Osbourne, Spike, Mulder, Deacon, Matthew.

    DD: Winifred, Elizabeth, Rose, November, Kate, Stahma, Leena, Cally, River, Sarah, Kara, Harper, Camille.

    DD: Delphine, Amelia, Kat, Echo, Nina, Chiana, Audrey, Jadzia, Laura, Zoe, Helen, Josephina, Katja.

    DS/DD: Jayne, Harris, Apollo, Cameron, Carter, Kirk, Odo, Reed, Fargo, Rembrandt, Quinn, Wallace, Tom/ Beth, Cosima, Donna, Seven, Kira, Anastasia, Tara, Christine, Janet, Priya, Siobhan, Kenya, Amanda.

    DD: Allison, Helena, Beverly, Nyota, Irisa, Ezri, Serenity, Willow, Talyn, Chloe, Uhura, Caroline, Wray.

    DS: Archer, Rafe, Johnathan, Worf, Scott, Lincoln, Tyrol, Jonas, Dex, Helo, Owen, Neelix, Alak.

    DD: Paris, Deanna, Ophelia, Sun, Anwen, Teyla, Inara, Roslin, Kaylee, Buffy, Olivia, Moya, Tamara.

    DS/DS: Malcolm, Giles, Lee, Peter, Jackson, Leonard, Geordi, Wesley, Quark, Phlox, Blake, Magnus, Eli/ Felix, Angel, Rory, Pilot, Frye, William, Henry, Dax, Stark, Cooper, Chase, Aidan, Rush.

    DS: Fox, Phillip, Zac, Walter, Carson, Galen, Alpha, Rhys, Riker, Nolan, Frederic, D’Argo, Everett.

    DD: Athena, Cordelia, Myka, Astrid, Grace, Aeryn, Sally, Gwen, Melody, Rachel, Jennifer, Vala, Greer.

    Dog: Porthos, Trip, Hank, Spock, Charlie, Hoban, Oz, Tucker, Ashley, Jo, Whiskey, Tosh, Data.
    Just an 18 year old girl who loves thinking about baby names and watching TV

    Show I am currently watching... Forever

    Names from the show I like...

    Henry, Morgan, Reece, Hanson, Abe & Lucas

    Jo & Joanna

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    LN: Summers

    DH: John Francis
    DW: Clara Mallory

    DS: Julian Rupert
    DD: Elizabeth Rose "Libby"
    DD: Amelia Audrey "Amy"
    DS/DD: Apollo Rembrandt & Cosima Beth "Cosy"
    DD: Willow Helena
    DS: Archer Scott "Archie"
    DD: Tamara Anwen
    DS/DS: Peter Blake & Rory William (Just couldn't resist)
    DS: Walter Frederic
    DD: Astrid Athena

    Dog: Porthos
    Wholocked, history and chemistry loving teenberry (16).
    Hoping to be a mummy in the very distant future. Dreaming of...
    Pandora Valencia FaeEvanthe Lyra Annabeth
    Little Misses
    Caspian Sherlock WalterPhoenix Arthur Blaise
    Mister Men

    Crushing on... ✦ AmadeaGeorgianaViolaPtolemyArchieHamish
    "'Mycroft' is the name you gave me; if you could possibly struggle all the way to the end."
    • Mycroft Holmes • Sherlock (BBC) • His Last Vow •

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    Current Loves: Tobias Henry and Sebastian Keith

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    LN: Summers, Washburne, Tam, Adama, Bishop, Anders, Hammond, Donovan, Tarr, Montgomery, Garland, Rygel, Harken, Boyd, Reynolds.

    DH: Nathan Wade
    DW: Clara Dawn

    DS: Wells Matthew
    DD: November Sarah *Nova*
    DD: Echo Helen
    DS/DD: Apollo Harris / Beth Amanda
    DD: Talyn Caroline
    DS: Jonas Archer
    DD: Deanna Paris
    DS/DS: Geordi Malcolm / Cooper Henry
    DS: Rhys Everett
    DD: Athena Astrid

    Dog: Spock
    Current Favorite Combos (not necessarily all of my favorite names):
    Alba Jolene, Avia Merrick, Hazel Deanna, Jovie Wren, Kendra Elise, Lux Athena, Margo Wren, Oona Lorene, Phoebe Alexis
    Ansel Gregory, Byron Robert, Ford Jeffrey, Lyle Prescott, Seaton Leo, Solomon Jack *Solo*

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    DH- Nathan Victor Tam
    DW- Mallory Samantha Tam

    DS1- Connor Beckett Tam (17)

    DD1- Harper Elizabeth Tam (16)

    DD2- Amelia Zoe Tam "Lia"(15)

    DS2/DD3- Cameron Quinn Tam/ Christine Tara Tam (14)

    DD4- Serena Willow Tam (11)

    DS3- Owen Allen Tam (9)

    DD5- Olivia Paris Tam (8)

    DS4/DS5- Magnus Peter Tam/ Rory Jackson Tam (5)

    DS6- Carson Everett Tam (3)

    DD6- Melanie Grace Tam (1)

    Ladies: Harper(16), Lia(15), Christine(14), Serena(11), Olivia(8), Mel(1)
    Gents: Connor(17), Cameron(14), Owen(9), Magnus(5), Rory(5), Carson(3)

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