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    Eirawen Grey
    Daenerys Raenye
    Cimorene Tamora
    Eilonwy Colleen
    Veralidane Isolde
    Galadriel Saphira
    Alianora Liesel
    Kalasin Greta
    Deirdre Elsa
    Morwen Lina

    Severus Gerard
    Tarragon Hugh
    Gwydion Neil
    Thorin Poe
    Casper Archibald
    Rudolph Oscar
    Taliesin Gareth
    Morpheus Frank
    Ambrose Soren
    Zephyr Lloyd
    Current Top Pairings
    Alphonse Wolfgang | Hildegarde Artemisia

    FNs: Eirawen, Elvira, Hildegarde, Isolde, Claudia, Wilhelmina, Astraea, Deirdre, Olympia, Rowena
    MNs: Odette, Artemisia, Astrid, Fauna, Morwen, Lyra, Flora, Ingrid, Morwen, Beatrix, Zephyra, Indira
    FNs: Alphonse, Kaspian, Severus, Soren, Lysander, Raoul, Tiberius, Dmitri, Raphael, Ignatius, Percival
    MNs: Wolfgang, Ludovic, Emrys, Thorin, Gustav, Remus, Basil, Magnus, Virgil, Ambrose, Gerard

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    Currently Loving:
    Kanon Jude, Noah Kai, Killian Grey, & Finley Clark
    Piper Grace, Jolie Cadence, Hadley Kate, & Harper Noelle

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    1. Rylie Lynn: "Courageous"; "Lake"
    2. Gabriella Grace: "God is my strength"; "God's favor"
    3. Phoebe Love: "Radiant, shining one"; "Love"
    4. Brynn Emilia: "Hill"; "Rival"
    5. Chloe Elise: "Young green shoot"; "Pledged to God"
    6. Holly Rebecca: "Holly tree"; "Servant of God"
    7. Emmeline Ruth: "Work"; "Compassionate friend"
    8. Miriam Arabella: "Wished-for child"; "Yielding to prayer"
    9. Lily-Ann Naomi: "Lily, a flower"; "Grace"; "Pleasantness"
    10. Alexandra Faith: "Defending men"; "Faithful"

    1. Ezra Michael: "Help"; "Who is like God?"
    2. Aidan Richard: "Little and fiery"; "Dominant ruler"
    3. Jonah Ross: "Dove"; "Upland, peninsula"
    4. Malachi Jude: "My messenger"; "Praised"
    5. Isaac Gabriel: "Laughter"; "God is my strength"
    6. Rowan Elijah: "Little redhead"; "Jehovah is God"
    7. Chaim Levi: "Life"; "Joined, attached"
    8. Luca Solomon:" Man from Lucania"; "Peace"
    9. Micaiah James: "Who is like God?"; "Supplanter"
    10. Camden Josiah: "Winding valley"; "God supports, heals"
    Henry / Jude / Malachi / Ezra /
    Aaron / Micah / Carson / Isaac

    Hallie / Remy / Phoebe / Charlotte
    Lily / Nora / Isabella / Rylie

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    "I love first times. I want my entire life to be composed of them."
    -Lucien Carr, Kill Your Darlings

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