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    Re: 20 Kids

    10 adopted, 10 not

    1. Renèe Alessandra
    Vietnamese, tiny, short black hair, brown eyes
    2. Chiara Noor
    Pakistani, long curly black hair, black eyes, petite
    3. Jessamy Safiyya
    Irish, freckled, long straight black hair, sapphire blue eyes, tall
    4. Lillian Honor
    Australian, petite, long straight blonde hair, sparkling green eyes
    5. Alice Johanna
    Dutch, short curly brown hair, short, hazel eyes
    6. Anton Mathias
    German, tall, straight black hair, grey eyes, freckles
    7. Ryan Merle
    Japanese, birdlike, brown eyes, black hair, grown long
    8. Carl Alexander
    Russian, curly brown hair, laughing hazel eyes
    9. Stefan Jules
    Half Native American, straight black hair grown long, brown eyes
    10. Artemus Bastian
    Vietnamese, Renèe's twin, tiny, short black hair, brown eyes

    1. Isa Jane
    Curly blond hair, blue eyes, petite
    2. Kaya Lise
    Straight black hair that's normally braided, brown eyes, tall
    3. Catherine Odessa
    Wavy, long strawberry blond hair, green eyes, very tall
    4. Mary Serafina
    Short brown hair, hazel eyes, lanky
    5. Jan Lara
    Long, straight brown hair, blue eyes, average height
    6. Ambrose Byron
    Catherine's twin, messy, dirty blonde hair, green eyes, tall
    7. Indigo Charles
    Small, straight black hair, navy blue eyes
    8. Magnus Kay
    Tall, spiky blue-black hair, amber brown eyes
    9. Emerson Jean
    Tiny, white-blond hair, gray-green eyes
    10. Edmund Christoper
    Curly black hair, golden brown eyes, tall

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