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    Re: be critical if you must :)

    1. Adelie Avery...I love Adele or Adela instead
    2. Delilah Grace...very pretty
    3. Emerson Reece...too unisex for me
    4. Elsie Rose...Elsa Rose would be perfect!
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    Re: be critical if you must :)

    Delilah Grace is my favorite. I love the name Delilah but my hubby doesn't like it. Otherwise it would be on my list for our daughter who's due in two weeks!

    I also like Emerson Reese and think it is very pretty as a girl's name.

    I agree with other posters that Adelie and Elsie would be better as nicknames for Adele/Adeline and Elsa/Elspeth/Elisabeth.
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    Re: be critical if you must :)

    delilah grace has a very nice flow. i have not read the bible so im not sure what negative connotations delilah may have that someone referred to?

    i really dont get the popularity of emmerson and reese for boys or girls! (although i am ok with rhys) but i know they are super popular. maybe reese as a mn with something more girly?

    elsie rose is a very sweet name. elsie does make me think of a farm though as i had a grandmother-age babysitter with that name and she and her husband had a hobby farm (fond memories for me)

    the other combo i like adelie but with a different mn. rose? pearl? brynn?

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    Re: be critical if you must :)

    Emerson Reece - there is a very cute little girl in my son's class at school by the name of Emerson. She goes by Emmy. Very cute but in between the Emma(s), Emily, Emilie, Emilia and EmmaCate it can get lost. Just wondering if it might just be too popular right now.

    Delilah - not exactly a great role model to look up too. I, like other posters, couldn't use it because of that.

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    Re: be critical if you must :)

    My choice is Emerson. We named our daughter Emmerson Anne family middle name. And I have come to find out that a lot of ppl think it is a boys name but I still LOVE it. To me I think Emmerson is a feminine name but we also call her Emme so that makes it much more girlie. I do like your other choices they are all great names. Good luck and keep us posted!!!

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