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    be critical if you must :)

    this is the four name combos we are looking at, feel free to offer alternatives and any criticism!

    1. Adelie Avery
    2. Delilah Grace
    3. Emerson Reece
    4. Elsie Rose


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    Re: be critical if you must :)

    I love love love Emerson Reece. If Emerson wasn't too close to my name, I would use it. My second favorite would be Delilah Grace. The other two seem really cutesy. Why not Elsa and Adele?

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    Re: be critical if you must :)

    Emerson Reece is gorgeous! And so many nn possibilities......

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    Re: be critical if you must :)

    1. Adelie Avery

    I prefer Adele to Adelie...nn Della or Dell is cute. I usually love alliteration but the I'm not loving this combo. Though Adele Avery sounds better to my ears than Adelie Avery. The combo of two 3 syllable names isn't my favorite.

    2. Delilah Grace

    I can certainly see why Delilah is favored more and more. I, myself, cannot get over the negative biblical association. Delia, Leah, or Lila are sweet. While I like the name Grace, it feels like a "filler" mn these days. Almost every other baby I know has Grace for a mn.

    3. Emerson Reece

    My son's name is Emerson. So, you can probably guess my feelings about using this strong name on a girl. Save it for a future ds! I know, it has crossed over to the girls but, imo, it is so much better and less trendy sounding on a boy. (when we named our son 5 years ago, we had NO IDEA this name was going to the girls) Plus, she'll be running around in kindergarten with 3 or 4 or 5 other Emmies, Ellies, and Emmas. Reece, IMO, is a gender neutral name that I prefer greatly on a boy. If you are going with a unisex first name, I would consider a more feminine middle name to balance it out and give her options.

    4. Elsie Rose

    This is my favorite on your list. I actually know twin girls named Elsie & Adelle. Elsa is pretty as well. It does sound a little bit cutesy but I still have a soft spot for it. Elise nn Elsie would be pretty and would give her options. Rose, like Grace, feels like a filler mn to me. There are gals on here that are much better than me at coming up with great name lists. But Elise Rosalie would be beautiful imo.

    So, I think:

    1. Elise Rosalie nn Elsie
    2. Adele Avery, Adele Rosalie, Adele Rosemary, Adele Primrose
    3. Delilah or Delia Grace

    Hope that helps!

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    Re: be critical if you must :)

    Adelie Avery - Adelie looks a little too similar to Adele, in my opinion, and so there would be confusion. It also seems almost a little forced to me as a full name, and I agree with the PP about the flow of Adelie Avery being off. That said, I see the appeal of Adelie, presuming you are pronouncing it AD-uh-lee rather than a-DELL-ee. How about Adeline or Adelaide? Adeline Eve. Adelaide Ava.

    Delilah Grace - Delilah is so pretty, whimsical and feminine but still spunky, and if the Biblical association doesn't bother you then I say go for it! Do watch out for the rising popularity of double-L names, though, if that's something that bothers you. Grace and Rose are very pretty and great sentiments, and it is true that the sound great with almost any first name, but they are very much the filler middles du jour. If they have personal/family significance or are a long-term favourite then use them, but there is a temptation just to pick them as an easy choice because you feel you have to give a middle name. That feels like a waste of what could've honoured someone or something important in your life or been an opportunity to use another favourite; and if middles aren't important to you

    Emerson Reece - as both names are unisex, I wouldn't pair them together. Personally, I also worry about Emerson dating, as it very much fits in with several current trends - surname names (including the crazy popular -sons, Madison and Addison), traditionally boys' names on girls, and all things Em- (Emma, Emily, Amelia etc.). It's also very different in style from your other, more feminine choices. If you did go with Emerson, I'd pick something feminine and classic but not too popular to go in the middle and balance it out - Emerson Juliet, perhaps, or Emerson Clara. I think you might like Romilly, or, of course, Emmeline (who still might get swept up in the Em- trend, mind).

    Elsie Rose - I've already given my thoughts on Rose (although there are so many gorgeous related choices), but don't get me wrong, it is pretty. Elsie is an adorable vintage choice, and while I see the argument for just putting the name you'll use on the birth certificate even if it's a nickname, it does restrict options - she may want a full name for more formal situations, or just to feel 'grown up', when she's older. If you don't like Elsa, Elspeth or Elisabeth/Elizabeth, you could get to Elsie using the initials LC. Does that idea appeal to you? If so, there are loads of great LC combinations I'd love to share. You might also like Molly, a similar sounding choice with more ability to stand alone.

    Good luck!

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