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    Cool CAF with Random Names

    We'll be using a D6; you can use one you like or there is one found here:

    Last Name Bank (feel free to hyphenate): Waugh, Klein, Palmer, Gillette, Rock, Slattery

    DH: Jerry, Jack, Steven, John, Eric, Jacob, Zachary, Blaze, Silas, Alexander
    Middle name: Your choice
    DW: Lindsay, Heather, Gabrielle, Fay, Ashlee, Courtney, Veronica, Christina, Amanda, Grace
    Middle name: Your choice

    For each parent, use these sites for their occupations, what college they went to, their skills, and their interests. You can include any other details about them (i.e. height, weight, hair, eyes, etc.) if you wish. Their first child was a girl, whom they named EmmaLee Athena.


    Roll for # of pregnancies after EmmaLee; for each pregnancy, roll for the gender(s) of the child(ren) born. Evens are boys, odds are girls. If you roll a 6, that pregnancy resulted in twins; roll for each twin's gender. For the first and middle names, roll the die and choose a name out of that number's bank.

    Boy's Names
    1 - Aries, Caius, Brom, Marius, Alastair, Olivier, Kieran, Alasdair, Jet
    2 - Leo, Remus, Cato, Rhett, Augustine, Roux, Killian, Caelan, Micah
    3 - Orion, Tiberius, Eddard, Riley, Finlay, Brennan, Ronan, Dean, Adlai
    4 - Sirius, Maximus, Edmund, Sawyer, Lennon, Connor, Breccan, Emerson, Silver
    5 - Atticus, Archer, Jasper, Amari, Dmitri, Finn, Oliver, Maxwell, Greyson
    6 - Caius, Axel, Jude, Taye, Alain, Flynn, Ash, Dylan, Tyler

    Girl's Names
    1 - Anastasia, Luna, Esme, Ailsa, Rhiannon, Lucienne, Phoebe, Felicity, Coraline, Victoria, Destry
    2 - Lavender, Aurelia, Hana, Alice, Anya, Alize, Lucia, Adeline, Poppy, Marguerite, Clover
    3 - Valentina, Dahlia, Lavinia, Amelie, Yara, Artemis, Juliette, Cora, Ruby, Edith, Avis
    4 - Wilhelmina, Daisy, Nerissa, Gwendolyn, Aili, Demeter, Alexia, Cordelia, Bay, Odette, Aerith
    5 - Dara, Denver, Rain, Lydia, Anneli, Diana, Elisabeth, Claire, Larke, Arianna, Lilith
    6 - Sparrow, Evangeline, Scarlett, Philippa, Eeva, Freya, Adela, Ivy, Autumn, Adella, Catelyn

    Use the same sites for what college that child attends/will attend, their skills, their interests, and their future career. Don't forget about the first child, EmmaLee! And you can include any other details about them if you wish.

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    LN: Klein

    DH: Eric Jonathan
    Went to Nevada Uni., a Tour Guide, skills are: stealthy, ballet dancing, and fishing, enjoys griffins and bowties.
    DW: Amanda Rebecca (Roberts) "Mandy"
    Went to Louisiana College, a Veterinary surgeons, skills are: horseback riding and fishing, enjoys tea sets, lions, and fashion.
    DD: EmmaLee Athena
    Went to District of Columbia College, a Care Assistant, skills are: knot-tying, flower arranging, and sorting things, enjoys dinosaurs, breakdancing, and philosophy.
    DS/DS: Sawyer Breccan and Killian Rhett
    Sawyer: went to Maryland State, a Auctioneer, skills are: inventing, juggling, gardening, and sculpting, enjoys flower-arranging, conspiracy theories, and jack o'lanterns.
    Killian: went to Illinois State, a Surveyor, skills are: packing things, cooking, and stage magic, enjoys dragons, astronomy, and robotics.
    DS: Oliver Finn
    went to Vermont College, a Footballer, skills are: socializing, lying, and cooking, enjoys crystals, checkers, and snails.
    DD: Adeline Lavender
    went to Texas State, a Fashion designer, skills are: pyrotechniques and sewing, enjoys coffee mugs, robotics, and mustaches.

    So we have: EmmaLee, Sawyer, Killian, Oliver, and Adeline.

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    Favorite Girls: Adelaide, Annabel, Charlotte, Cora, Eliza, Harper, Kinsley, Lila, Madeline, Piper, Presley, & Vivienne
    Favorite Boys: Archer, Asher, Bennett, Crew, Elliot, Everett, Griffin, Harrison, Jude, Logan, Maxwell, & Owen

    Vote if you would like

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    DH: Jack Alexander Palmer (Software Consultant, plays piano and is interested in lost civilizations)
    DW: Lindsay Faye Palmer (Midwife, enjoys baking and likes poetry)

    DD: Emily Athena Palmer (Lecturer, plays the drums and is interested in Arthurian lore)
    DS: Micah Dean Palmer (Brewer, enjoys photography and likes sport)
    DS: Alastair Edmund Palmer (Builder, enjoys carpentry and collects comic books)
    DS/DD: Dylan Jude Palmer (Museum Curator, enjoys painting and likes old weaponry) & Freya Claire Palmer (Cartoonist, plays the violin and likes old castles)
    DS: Oliver Lennon Palmer (Soldier, can lip read and likes alternative music)

    **Jack & Lindsey: Emily, Micah, Alastair, Dylan, Freya & Ollie Palmer**

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    LN: Palmer
    John Cameron- film producer, Florida University, climbing, being stealthy, socializing, and playing the guitar.
    Gabrielle Alexandra- business owner, Pennsylvania State, sculpting, diplomacy, and calligraphy.

    DD: Emmalee Athena "Melie"
    DS: Sawyer Emerson
    DS/DD: Ronan Finlay & Evangeline Scarlett "Ever"
    DS: Greyson Atticus

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