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    Do you find your name loves leaning toward one gender?

    I AM A lover of8f names, I like all kinds of names. Lookng at baby names is my obsession. Nuy lately I've noticed, about 3/4 of my favourites sre all girl names. I'm not sure if it's because I am a girl, but boy names aren't as interesting to me. I do have some favourites of courses (Jaxon, Peter, Bailey, Howard) but for the most part I just love girl names. Does anybody else have this problem?
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    I always seem to have a few distinct favourites for boys, and then can never make my mind up for girls. My top girls names are about double the length of my boys list, haha.

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    My girls list, whether it be favourites, my long list, guilty pleasures etc., is always longer. I've got 29 girls names, but only 20 for boys in my top names list. I just find it easier to find girls names I like; I'm so much more picky about boys names. But I think I might love my boys names a bit more.
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    I love boy names and have a lot of trouble with girl names I feel like maybe it's because I'm a girl and being around girls more than boys resulted in stronger emotions. Similarly, I haven't been around many guys and growing up I feel like boys had less variety in names (e.g., Michael, Matthew, Christopher), so most of the names I see feel fresh.
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    Boy names are so much more interesting to me. I have a handful of girl's names I truly love, but the rest are pretty blah.
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