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    Your Name site(s) go to for inspirations?

    I'm having trouble finding solid informative sites with awesome names. It made me wonder if other people have had that problem too. So what are some of the best sites to go to and find hidden gems for names, whether they are strange, fun, informative of name origin or people and their history ect....?

    I'll go first. I came across this site on called: The strangest Names in America Political History. I'm hooked. It is informative/educational on the people and their successes in politics. It made me eat crow and be humbled by my past thoughts that names could hinder you in certain professional settings. Plus, there are some oddballs and unique names to skim through. The sites description is: A Site Dedicated to American Political Figures With Strange, Odd, Humorous and Unusual Names!

    Site link Here: http://politicalstrangenames.blogspo...1880-1958.html

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    Ikfly, thank you for onceuponatimebabynames, those are my favorite types of names, I am fawning over this website. Unfortunately, this just means I'm going to have another long list of name rejections hahaha, because my boyfriend has a totally different style in naming than I do.

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    Appellation Mountain is amazing. Not only does she feature tons of unusual names, but every sunday she does a roundup of all the name news around the internet that week. Its great for inspiration etc.

    I also go to Swistle Baby Names often because, although its others looking for name advice, its interesting to see what people are considering for their babies, and her suggestions are great - even the commentors are good, and everyone is respectful which is refreshing on the internet.
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    I was perusing the blogs that my friends follow and I found this one on Quebec names.

    Thanks for informing on good site to check out. I'm heading over to them. :-)

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