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  • Caitlin McGillis

    12 26.67%
  • Katelyn McGillis

    2 4.44%
  • Katherine McGillis

    12 26.67%
  • Catherine McGillis

    29 64.44%
  • Kathryn McGillis

    2 4.44%
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    Question Which Version Sounds Best?

    Is the name Caitlin McGillis too much of a mouthful? Would Katherine/Catherine/Kathryn sound better?

    Which spelling works best?

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    I prefer Catherine McGillis personally.
    Nothing wrong with Caitlin, but I feel like Catherine flows better
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    Of your choices Catherine is my favorite. Another idea you might like is Kathleen (has Irish roots like Caitlin but is now much less common and not usually kre8tivly spelled).

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    I think Caitlin McGillis works fine, both names are two syllables long so neither is really more of a mouthful than the other. If you're leaning towards a Catherine variation, I'd consider what, if any, nicknames you plan on using and your preferred spelling of those - I tend to prefer K spelling nicknames (Kitty, Katie, etc) to go with Katherine and C spelling nicknames (Cate, Cathy, etc) to go with Catherine as it keeps the constant initial, and you'd need to consider whether that would bother you.

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    Catherine McGillis looks very elegant and polished. I think Catherine flows better than Caitlin. Catherine is timeless whereas Caitlin was trendy in the 80's-90's so I think it's "dated" to that period.
    All the best,

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