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Thread: No middle name?

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    No middle name?

    One of the names we are considering for a girl is Elísabet. I kind of don't want to put a middle name with it. Do you think this would be a mistake, or something I would regret? My reasons are:

    1. It's 4 syllables, with a 4-syllable last name. That's one more syllable than my whole name and two more syllables than bf's whole name, and we both have two given names.

    2. People do tend to use middle names (or 'second names', rather) here in Iceland a lot. I was thinking that I wouldn't like it if people were always calling her two names, as I find it quite ridiculous unless the two names are very short. And then I thought, well then why on earth have two? Why have a second name if you actively don't want people to use it?

    3. If we were to use a middle name, it would have to be something very short I think, preferably just one syllable. I don't really like any of the one-syllable names. I've tried out a few short two-syllable names but I just find it too long-winded then. I don't want to choose a middle name 'just because' if there's nothing I really like.

    4. I find it such a strong, substantial name that I think it could easily stand by itself, plus it is quite versatile with a lot of different short versions.

    Counter reasons:

    1. It's quite a common name, both in the general population and among recent births. It could be annoying to have no way to differentiate yourself from other people with the same name.

    2. We both have two given names, and most Icelandic children (though it's not nearly as universal as in the UK or USA - still a lot of children have only one name) do as well. She might feel left out, or like she's missing something.

    3. I think it might be annoying to be asked, "Are you called just Elísabet?" Which would probably happen.

    4. Potentially we might want to use two names for a future child. Would this be unfair, to have one name on one child and two names on another?

    What do you think?
    Baby girl due May/June 2015
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    It's probably different here in the States, but I've always been really glad that I had a middle name! I have always thought it was odd when I met people that didn't have one. Generally they're girls, and their parents' reason for not giving them a middle name is that they can take their maiden name as a middle when they take their husband's name (at least where I'm from that's fairly common).
    I would think it was a little odd if you decided to give a later child a second name if you didn't for your first. My husband's aunt did that. They have three children without middle names and gave their last girl a middle name. It was a family name, so it seemed really odd to me that they decided to give one to her and no one else. She's the spoiled baby of the family, and her mom seems to favor her over the other kids, so it kind of seemed to me that by giving THIS child a middle name her mom was saying THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE. They're the only family I've ever met with that kind of a situation though, I would probably recommend keeping it consistent, whatever you decide to do, but I tend to like consistency in these type of things .

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    I think with Elisabet it's okay to not give her a middle name, especially if she would be Elisabet ____ all the time.
    Why I generally prefer middle names? So the kid has a choice what to go by later in life without having to legally change their name. However, Elisabet has sooooo many nickname options- Elli, Elisa, Elia, Lisa, Lissie, Lis, Bet, Betti, Lili, Lisbet, Lisabet, Elsa, Elsbet, Sabi, Isa, Lia, etc. - that she would have many choices anyway, more than if you named her "Elva Rosa" for example.


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    I think it is absolutely fine if you do not want to use a middle name. My grandfather doesn't have a middle name, while all his siblings do and he has never been bothered by it. And the name you picked is lovely by the way!

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    I am in NZ so the culture and norms are a bit different I assume. But... Shock horror nameberries.... none of my 3 girls have middle names! I find them a bit pointless and unnecessary in day to day life so we just didn't do them! Yes, people often ask 'what's her middle name' and eyebrows are raised when we say, there isn't one. But that is mostly because 2 of our girls have fairly uncommon names (for NZ) and I think they assume we would have given a 'fall-back' name. We felt like you in that all 3 names are strong and longish (3 syllables) with lots of nickname possibilities so the need for a middle just wasn't there. The only time me and my partner ever use our middle names is for important forms (banks etc) and we don't do family names so just didn't see the need.... BUT... the more girls I had, the more I got into names and the more I considered middle names, but obviously couldn't give #3 a middle name if #1 didn't have one. I don't regret it hugely but I have pondered it! Sorry, probably not a huge help, I think you have good points for both sides. I say go for the one name because it's beautiful, long and with lots of possibilities... but I do think that will mean any subsequent kids have just the one name too.

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