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    Quote Originally Posted by kiki View Post
    That's awful. Why pick those names when you could pick normal star wars names like Luke?

    My dad knew a couple who called their son Luke but because their last name was Walker, they decided his middle name should be Sky.
    Luke Sky Walker is adorable, actually, and if you didn't know otherwise it's passable as a name that isn't a pun. Sooo cute!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gabby1 View Post

    That reminds me of a funny/sad story. I was in college and a friend of mine was named Richard. He went by Richie. One day we had a very old guest lecturer who would look on the roll and call out names at random to answer a question. Halfway through the class, the lecturer started yelling "Dick" , " Dick" , DICK!" Is Dick not here today? Wait it says Richard" My friend slowly raised his hand and said " I go by Richie". The lecturer looked at him and said " So no one calls you Dick? " I thought the whole class was going to fall over laughing so hard.

    So be careful with potential nicknames!
    My best friends name is Richard and when he get’s the question of “does anyone ever call you Dick?” his standard response is “Only when I behave like one.” Or “Only when I behave like you.” Usually gets a laugh and shut the other person up. I think that if you know your kid could get unfortunate nn’s you arm them with quick and witty responses up front. Something I learned from my mother - well not in response to nn’s but in response to people telling her to F**off... her standard response (which I have now adopted) is “Sure honey, when and where would you like to do that?” It freaks people out so badly that whatever tirade they were on shuts them up... the impact is better now that she’s in her mid-70s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matti12 View Post
    I know a Phrynzez (Princess) and a D'Anna (Deanna). Also, a S'manth'a.
    D’Anna and S’manth’a make it look like the parents are trying to hard to look like they don’t try too hard/care. It’s like typing out can’t instead cannot - except more idiotic because it doesn’t make it shorter. (At least doesn’t is one type stroke shorter than does not).
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    My dad works with a lady called Crystal Waters and another called Scarlet Flowers. My friend went to elementary school with a boy called Eaton Siemen :s

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    In our play group there was a little girl named Timber Wulff. Her brother and sisters had regular names. The mom said her husband was the one who picked Timber's name.

    In another group, MaKaelyn and Braedyn were a brother and sister.

    I went to Sea Cadet Boot Camp with Jeffery Jefferies.


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