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    May 2011
    My father knows a woman named Rhoda joke...I also had a teacher once named Harry Love.

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    Jul 2011
    A boy named Hooker, I was in utter shock when I heard it. Also, I met a Homer once!!!

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    My best friend works at a daycare, and today she texted me to tell that there are kids at her work named Zhyanne Nevaeh, Treazure, and Pangea. Those are all up there with the worst that I've heard/seen.

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    Twin boys named ... Steve and Steven. Yup. how could you do that to your kids??
    also Shayne Hayne. not that bad but could you be any less creative!!

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    I was watching 18 kids and counting the other night and a girl on the show was called Merry Dare.

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