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Thread: Chance/quiz BNG

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    14 year old: If you have hazel or green eyes, you have twin girls.
    -- Violet Maize and Hazel Russet

    11 year old: If you have brown hair, you have boy/girl twins.
    -- Phineas Kyle and Beatrix Lane

    9 year old: If you are 18 to 25 years old, you have a boy.
    -- Archer Patrick

    6 year old: If you are in a relationship but not engaged/married, you have twin girls.
    -- Evadne Tace and Alethea Hero

    2 year old: If you graduated from high school, you have a girl
    -- Romane Eliana

    Newborn: If you have no children you have boy/girl twins.
    -- Penn Raphael and Winslow Magritte

    Violet, Hazel, Phineas, Beatrix, Archer, Evadne, Alethea, Romane, Penn, and Winslow
    Name loving BritBerry

    Little ladies
    Rosamund Fawn//Bernadette Rose//Eloise Margo

    Little gents
    Emrys Theodore//Brogan Robert James//Eliot Sebastian

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    14 year old: Nora Sophia
    11 year old: Poppy Adelaide
    9 year old: Patrick Asher
    6 year olds: Aidan Oliver and Lucas Reed
    2 year old: Kalila Graziella
    Newborns: Georgia Alaia and Jackson Ryder

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    DS: Justus Philo (14)
    DS/DD: Dante Parker/Jessamy Phoenix(11)
    DS: Colton Slater (9)
    DS: Wylie Jack (6)
    DD: Cylia Romane (2)
    DS/DD: Judd Ryder/Serra Blake (NB)

    Justus, Dante, Jessa, Colton, Wylie, Cylia, Judd, and Serra

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