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Thread: Chance/quiz BNG

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    Jun 2013
    DS/DS: Cyrus Gray & Cash Roux (14)
    DD/DD: Matilda Avery & Otto Keegan (11)
    DD: Nova Keely (9)
    DD/DD: Alethea Ismay & Haidee Zillah (6)
    DD: Graziella Inaya (2)
    DS/DD: Blake Georgia & Penn Cole (nb)

    Cyrus, Cash, Mattie, Otto, Nova, Thea, Haidee, Grazi, Blake, & Penn.
    my picks: mary, isadora, johanna, delaney, november. trace, derrick, allan, graham, cyrus.

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    Ontario, Canada
    Beatrice Eliza, age 14
    Judah Tobias, age 11
    Patrick Sawyer, age 9
    Calvin Frederick "Cal", age 6
    Duncan Lewis, age 2
    Ellis Cole and Georgia Marin, newborn

    Girls - decided!
    Boys - Arthur - Desmond - Edmund - Edwin - Frederick - so hard to choose!

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    14 year old
    -- If you have blue eyes, you have a girl. India Juliet
    11 year old
    -- If you have blonde hair, you have a girl. Sadie Olivia
    9 year old
    -- If you are under eighteen, you have a girl. Macy Stella
    6 year old
    -- If you are single, divorced, et c. you have twin boys. Owen Hudson & Quinn Caleb
    2 year old
    -- If you graduated from high school, you have a girl. Eliana Kalindi
    -- If you have no children, you have boy/girl twins. Chanel Kiki & Manolo Valentino
    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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    14 year old: If you have hazel or green eyes, you have twin girls.
    -- Violet Maize and Hazel Russet

    11 year old: If you have brown hair, you have boy/girl twins.
    -- Phineas Kyle and Beatrix Lane

    9 year old: If you are 18 to 25 years old, you have a boy.
    -- Archer Patrick

    6 year old: If you are in a relationship but not engaged/married, you have twin girls.
    -- Evadne Tace and Alethea Hero

    2 year old: If you graduated from high school, you have a girl
    -- Romane Eliana

    Newborn: If you have no children you have boy/girl twins.
    -- Penn Raphael and Winslow Magritte

    Violet, Hazel, Phineas, Beatrix, Archer, Evadne, Alethea, Romane, Penn, and Winslow
    Name loving BritBerry

    Little ladies: Penrose Luna, Indigo Temperance, Ophelia Rue, Celeste Isabella, Isla Victoria Grey, Posey Matilda Jane
    Little gents: Prosper William, Mackenzie Jude, Dax Tobias, Raphael Noah, Emerson Ivo, Caleb Graeme

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