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    Pretty, feminine names?

    Looking to expand my list and I thought you guys would be the best to help
    I'm leaning towards pretty, feminine names of late, I guess I always have in a way but more so recently. So far I'm loving Emmeline, Emilia/Amelia, Annabel (can't use this, it sounds like the welsh word for 'disabled' which just bugs me and every other welsh speaker I know), Elise, Eleanora, Rosemarie, Mae/May, Olivia (too popluar), Charlotte, Marielle, Ivy. For the most part I seem to prefer towards names with dominant vowel sounds and softer consonants but this isn't a rule set in stone.
    Every suggestion is welcome and very much appreciated! Thank you!

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    Re: Pretty, feminine names?

    much love and i are waiting for you;
    Emmett Oberon / Wilfred Leander / Wilbur Jack / Alec Emmanuel
    Pehr Nicholas / Cedric Dylan / Virgil Ossian / Robin Ingmar
    Rosemary Oona / Annabel Briar / Sibyl Damaris / Alba Madeline
    Iseabail Honey / Fenella Thomasin / Jemima Eilidh / Raphaela Maude / Margo Celandine / Sylvia Moon

    *favourites rotate often; see my extensive lists here.

    olivia, nineteen, filmmaker & future mama
    in london longing for my cat shura!

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    Re: Pretty, feminine names?

    Thanks OliviaSarah, I like a lot of your suggestions especially Isadora, Cassia, Hermione, Flora and Mirabel.

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