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    Guess Mariah Carey's Twins' Names

    As of this past Saturday morning, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are the parents of twins: a boy and girl. No word of the babies' names yet- they wanted to tell friends and family first. I imagine they will probably announce the names in the next few days. However, Mariah revealed that both names start with M . . .

    I have no guess as to their naming style, but a few names that came to mind are:

    Miles and Minnie

    or maybe . . . Malachi and Magdalena
    Any other guesses?

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    Re: Guess Mariah Carey's Twins' Names

    I am going to guess:

    Madison and Mason
    Madelyn and Matthew
    Maggie and Myles
    Margaret and Michael or
    Maria and Mickey.
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    Re: Guess Mariah Carey's Twins' Names

    Good guesses.

    A couple of other set that came to mind:

    Manuel and Malia

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    Re: Guess Mariah Carey's Twins' Names

    Maxwell and Madison - Max and Maddie!
    Mario and Maria
    Matthew and Maxine
    Music and Melody! :lol:
    Marvin and Melody
    Miles and Melody
    Malachi and Micah
    Michael and Michelle
    Melvin and Melanie
    Martin and Marissa
    Someone suggested 'Mariposa' which means Butterfly - good guess!
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    Re: Guess Mariah Carey's Twins' Names

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