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Thread: NN for Adelaide

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    Re: NN for Adelaide


    Our daughter is also named Adelaide and I have never been a fan of Addie/Addy (although my husband's family loves it and the more they call her by it, the more it is growing on me...) Anyway our favorite nicknames are Laidey or Lailey. I also like Adey (A-dee), but am in the minority in my family.

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    Re: NN for Adelaide

    I love Lady as a nickname for Adelaide, it's by far my favorite!

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    Re: NN for Adelaide

    Lady! I absolutely love Lady! Addie is alright, but very popular due to Addison/Adelyn etc. I did used to love Addie until it rose dramatically, now I just don't mind it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jpr815 View Post
    Anyway our favorite nicknames are Laidey or Lailey.

    No way! That's my name!! I never thought I'd find it! Although my real name is Eulalia (Yeah, my parents didn't know how to pronounce it), but I've almost never been called anything but Lailey! This is so weird :S
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    Eulalia is very pretty. My friend is named Eulalia and she goes by Lallie.

    I like Lady as a nickname to Adelaide, way more so than the tired Addie/Addy.

    Why does every name need a nickname though? Maybe she might prefer to go by Adelaide. My friend Abigail hates to be called Abby, as her parents called her for years. She much prefers Abigail.

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