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    Red face Help us decide!!!

    Hi, We are having a little girl in less then 4 months!! & Me and my DH have such different taste in names we need help! Currently have a boy named Haiden James how ever I am to fussed by matching names. Names we have some what narrowed it down to but not overly commited too are :

    Lily-Belle (husband loves, i worry about popularity of lily)
    India-Rose (not happy with rose, hubby not keen on India) nn- Indie which i love
    Savannah - not sure on middle name, we both love this name

    If anyone can help with other possible name combinations, completely different names or using the names we have. Possible name combinations for Savannah (middle names). ANY SUGGESTIONS WELCOME.

    Thank you in advance!! :smile:

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    Love Lily-Belle! It's a bit "L" heavy, but it's adorable nonetheless. I prefer something like Lily Isabelle personally, but that's just me. I think Haiden and Lily is adorable!

    It seems like both of you have issues with India-Rose, so I would drop it for that reason. Besides, India-Rose sounds like a high-class sort of flower.

    Savannah is nice, and cute with Haiden. If you both love this and you have reservations about Lily, then I would go with this. Savannah is lovely, adorable with Haiden, and has a lot of great nn options (Ava, Avie, Vannah, Anna, Annie, etc.). I think Savannah Lily would be cute, or Savannah Belle? Maybe Savannah Rose?

    Good luck!

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    I think if you both love Savannah, that's the name you should go with

    Savannah Belle
    Savannah Rose
    Savannah May
    Savannah Claire
    Savannah Cathleen
    Savannah Bliss
    Savannah Marie
    Savannah Georgia (Just kidding :P)
    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    I quickly typed that at work so some of it didn't come out sounding quite like I meant it..
    I love love the name Lily Belle but my only worry is having other lilys in her class/grade when it come to schooling!
    Absolutely love the suggestion Lily Isabelle really considering that one, hubby loves too
    Savannah has been our go to name for some time now that's what Haiden was to be called if a girl!
    I think because we have liked it for so long the name doesn't pop as much? Love the fact that savannah has so many cute nickname opportunities as we are definitely a nicknamey family!

    I do think we will drop the name India Rose as DH is really against and won't budge!
    Are there another name suggestions that can be given? And some more middle name options for lily and savannah ?
    I appreciate everyone's help!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by laddy08 View Post
    Absolutely love the suggestion Lily Isabelle really considering that one, hubby loves too
    Awww, I'm glad you liked it. Lily and Isabelle are two of my favorites--I think they're adorable together.

    As for new ideas, what about these?

    I think Lily Abigail, Lily Penelope, Lily Aurelia, Lily Emmeline, Savannah Kate, Savannah Jane, Savannah Mary, and Savannah Lucy would be cute...

    Good luck!

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