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    Middle Name for Hazel

    My husband and I love the name Hazel, but can't seem to find a great MN for it. The only combo I've come up with that I half way like is Hazel Felicity. My husband isn't crazy about Felicity and I can't help but think that Felicity Hazel sounds better. I really want Hazel as the first name. I'd like something vintage and fairly uncommon. Any suggestions are much appreciated! By the way, our last name starts with M so that eliminates any names that start with A or I. I don't think a little girl would appreciate having initials that spell "ham" or "him".
    ~Cathryn Elizabeth~

    Stay at home mommy to Benton Grover and Arwen Elizabeth.

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    Re: Middle Name for Hazel

    Thanks for the reply! I really like your suggestion of Hazel Magnolia. I'm afraid my husband won't go for it though because he's known a Maggie that he wasn't too fond of. :/ I also like Hazel Evangeline, Hazel Francine, and Hazel Rosemary. Thanks again!
    ~Cathryn Elizabeth~

    Stay at home mommy to Benton Grover and Arwen Elizabeth.

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    Re: Middle Name for Hazel

    I LOVE Hazel Felicity.. My sister's name is Felicity, she is the most amazing girl so obviously I am biased

    If you husband isn't feeling Felicity love, here are some other ideas

    Hazel Primrose
    Hazel Valentine
    Hazel Marigold
    Hazel Emmeline
    Hazel Florence
    Hazel Jean
    Hazel Tabitha
    Hazel Josephine

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    Re: Middle Name for Hazel

    Hazel is a great name; to me it has the perfect blend of sass and sweetness. Not to mention two other connotations I like: history & nature.

    I do agree with you that Felicity Hazel flows a little better - maybe it's because the two "el" syllables are further apart? or the 4/2 syllable vs the 2/4, I don't know. But it's not enough to make Hazel Felicity undesirable by any means; I quite like some 2/4 as well as 2/3 combos.

    Ideas (various styles):

    Hazel Beatrice
    Hazel Bryony
    Hazel Cassandra
    Hazel Cassidy
    Hazel Catriona
    Hazel Charlotte
    Hazel Delilah
    Hazel Emmaline
    Hazel Fiona
    Hazel Genevieve
    Hazel Jessamine
    Hazel Marianne
    Hazel Meredith
    Hazel Miriam
    Hazel Rosamund
    Hazel Sabrina
    Hazel Susanna
    Hazel Vianne
    Hazel Victoire

    Oops I had to edit 'cause I forgot the no A or I rule!

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