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    Wink Triplets having triplets...

    Your mother and fathers name and your surname before marriage.

    Your name is: 2 syllable name
    Your middle name is :

    Your husbands name middle and surnamehubby's are your choice completely)

    You are infact 1/3 of a triplet of three girls. Your sisters names are:

    Triplet sister 2: 2 syllable name and middle and HER husbands name middle and surname (hubby's are your choice completely)

    Triplet sister 3: 2 syllable name and middle and HER husbands name middle and surname (hubby's are your choice completely) / (use these middle name links for all triplet sisters middle names!)

    You are all 24 years of age and all pregnant and due within a month of the first having their babies..

    You are due in july middle sis is due in aug and littlest sis is due in august!

    You are having all girls middle sister is having all boys and littlest sister is having a mixed bunch.

    What do you name the babies??

    Triplet#1(YOU) babies:
    Triplet#2 babies:
    Triplet#3 babies:

    Fast forward 16 years and your triblets and triplet nieces(?) and nephews are all having children of their own.. They all marry and end up having triplets of their own too!!! How uncanny!! Nopw you will be naming them too and this goes on for 3 generations and the great grand childrens children then have singletons.. might be a bit of a long one but it will be fun!!
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    Mum- Michaela Jennifer Snelling
    Dad- Jethro Colin Snelling

    Jada Louise Snelling Hoying
    - Ethan James Hoying
    -- Callie June Hoying & Roxy Jade Hoying & Phoebe Jane Hoying

    Zoe Frances Snelling Crawford
    - Ryan John Crawford
    -- Barrett Ryan Crawford & Nathan Thomas Crawford & Sawyer Colin Crawford

    Piper Mary Snelling Kaplan
    - Devin Alexander Kaplan
    -- Lux Amelia Kaplan & Bay Alexandra Kaplan & Chord Andrew Kaplan

    Callie June Hoying McCabe
    - Niall Patrick McCabe
    -- Solomon Levi *Solo* McCabe & Serephin Lucas *Finn* McCabe & Susannah Lily *Sunny* McCabe

    Roxy Jade Hoying Nichols
    - Davis Evan Nichols
    -- Hazel Margaret Nichols & Esme Katherine Nichols & Milo George Nichols

    Phoebe Jane Hoying Masters
    - Charles Edward *Charlie* Masters
    -- Kendra Jean Masters & Nora Elaine Masters & August Daniel *Augie* Masters

    Barrett Ryan Crawford
    - Alyssa Carys Foster Crawford
    -- Tristan Breckin Crawford & Travis Bennett Crawford & Tessa Brittany Crawford

    Nathan Thomas Crawford
    - Aubrey Therese Johnson Crawford
    -- Wyatt Blaze Crawford & Asher Blane Crawford & Judson Blake Crawford

    Sawyer Colin Crawford
    - Vada Caroline Wilson Crawford
    -- Maisie Harper Crawford & Willa Parker Crawford & Arlo Sawyer Crawford

    Lux Amelia Kaplan Prentiss
    - Declan Sean Prentiss
    -- Magnus Grant Prentiss & Linnea Faith Prentiss & Astrid Bree Prentiss

    Bay Alexandra Kaplan Tipton
    - Samuel Richard *Sam* Tipton
    -- Simone Annabel *Simi* Tipton & Beau Regulus Tipton & Stella Antoinette Tipton

    Chord Andrew Kaplan
    - Bianca Claire O'Brien Kaplan
    -- Grayer David Kaplan & Wilder Douglas Kaplan & Otter Daniel Kaplan

    Michaela & Jethro with Jada, Zoe, and Piper
    Jada & Ethan with Callie, Roxy, and Phoebe
    Zoe & Ryan with Barrett, Nathan, and Sawyer
    Piper & Devin with Lux, Bay, and Chord
    Callie & Niall with Solo, Finn, and Sunny
    Roxy & Davis with Hazel, Esme, and Milo
    Phoebe & Charlie with Kendra, Nora, and Augie
    Barrett & Alyssa with Tristan, Travis, and Tessa
    Nathan & Aubrey with Wyatt, Asher, and Judson
    Sawyer & Vada with Maisie, Willa, and Arlo
    Lux & Declan with Magnus, Linnea, and Astrid
    Bay & Sam with Simi, Beau, and Stella
    Chord & Bianca with Grayer, Wilder, and Otter
    Current Favorite Combos (not necessarily all of my favorite names):
    Alba Jolene, Avia Merrick, Hazel Deanna, Jovie Wren, Kendra Elise, Lux Athena, Margo Wren, Oona Lorene, Phoebe Alexis
    Ansel Gregory, Byron Robert, Ford Jeffrey, Lyle Prescott, Seaton Leo, Solomon Jack *Solo*

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