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    DW: Caroline Marley Nelson

    DH: Conrad Jordan Snyder

    How long have they been together, when they had their 1st child?
    2 years

    DS: Ryan James

    How long after their 1st child did they have their 2nd?
    12 months

    DS: Ethan Alexander

    How long after their 2nd child did they have their 3rd ?
    2 years

    DS: Kai Reed

    CJ & Caroline and Ryan, Ethan & Kai
    Blythe, Cassidy, Dahlia, Faye, Felicity, Ophelia...
    Clark, Elliot, Ezra, Graham, Holden, James...

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    DW: Megan Belle Lambert nee Floyd
    DH: Jude Rooney Lambert

    They had been together for only ten months when they had their first child, a daughter. Her name is Ava Grace.
    Five years later, they welcomed their second child, a son. His name is Mason James.
    Two years later, they had a third child, a daughter. Her name is Poppy Wren.

    The Lambert Family
    Jude Rooney (35)
    Megan Belle (33)
    Ava Grace (7)
    Mason James (2)
    Poppy Wren (NB)
    Name obsessed. Simple as that.

    Favorite combos for girls RIGHT NOW

    Phoebe Silvia Margareta <3
    Vivienne Maria Celeste
    Lydia Elisabeth Jane
    Ava Paloma Rose
    Ruby Athena Mae

    Favorite combos for boys RIGHT NOW

    James Henry August <3
    Alexander Mio Nicodemus
    David Lars Maximilian
    Arthur Axel Fredrik
    William Henrik Lewis

    Guilty Pleasures
    Alaska Ruth. Novak James. Clementina Rose. Jagger Isaiah. Persephone Grace. Scout Kennedy.

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    DW: Ottavia Emma Rivera
    DH: Gwilym Louie Snyder

    G: Zoey Genevieve
    G: Lily Elizabeth

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    Red face

    Wife's name: Joyce Kennedy Nelson (Joy)
    Husband: Pawel Rory Snyder (Paul)
    2 years
    Boy: Jackson Wesley (Jax or Jacks)
    4 years
    Son: Liam James (LJ)
    12 months
    Son: Kingston Gray (King)

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    Alberta, Canada
    DW: Caroline Elizabeth Snyder (Floyd)
    DH: Jesse Jericho Snyder

    On their third year anniversary Caroline tells Jesse that shes pregnant, nine months later they have their first son.

    DS: Liam Edward Snyder

    Caroline forgets to take her birth control pills the month after Liam is born and soon finds out shes pregnant again. They have their second son via C-Section.

    DS: Logan Alexander Snyder

    12 months later Caroline pops out her third son.

    DS: Levi Flynn Snyder

    Jesse is done having kids but Caroline convinces him that they need one more to complete the family. A few weeks later Caroline is pregnant with twins!!

    DD: Lane Ellington Snyder
    DD: London Holiday Snyder

    The family: Caroline, Jess, Liam, Logan, Levi, Lane, and London
    Rose Elizabeth
    Mom to Clementine Rose
    Arthur Noel and Louis Edward

    Rhys Maverick|Anden Henrick|Ender Augustus
    Jack Theodore|Maximo Espen|Nayson Leif
    Hugo Ephraim|Phineas Kai|Truett Sven|Atlas Pedar
    Leo Stefan|Bram Cornelius

    Amorite Grey|Elora Blaise|Meredith June
    Coralie Sigrid|Eden Clarion|Aurelia Jade
    Indigo JoAnn|Esme Violet

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