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    W: Jay Sophia {Goodwin} Burke. H: Paul Maxence Burke. Jay and Paul had been together for an amazing 15 years before they had their first child, a daughter, they named her Lillian Myra. 4 years after Lillian, Jay gave birth to a second daughter they named Amelia Jane. Just twelve months after the birth of Amelia, a third daughter joins the family, they name this one Matilda Scout. Another short twelve months later and hoping desperately for boy, Jay and paul are surprised and delighted to have twin sons! Their names are Phoenix Tennyson and Devon Emerson. ~~~ Jay (38) and Paul (39) with: Lil (6), Mia (2), Matty (12mo), Phoenix (nb) and Devon (nb).
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    Lydia Faith Nelson married Paul Casey Myers and after dating for 10 months got married. Along came a baby girl Evelyn Grace and a year later Benjamin David.

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    Megan Floyd is a 20 year old college student at UCLA, studying to become a pharmacist. She is dating 22 year old Dash Burke, who recently graduated UCLA with a Bachelor's degree in business.

    5 years later, Megan graduates college and moves in with her fiance, Dash. About 3 months later they get married, and find out Megan is expecting their first baby, Chloe Genevieve. Megan and Dash have been together for a total of 6 years when Chloe is born and they are so happy and enjoying their little family.

    4 years later, Chloe is in Pre-K and they find out they're expecting again! At Megan's 20 week ultrasound they discover it's another little girl! Chloe is excited to be a big sister to Amelia Elizabeth.

    When Amelia is 3 months old, Megan starts to feel nauseous, has tender breasts, and is always tired. She decides to take a pregnancy test to ease her worries. Little did she know the test would turn out positive. She wants to be excited and tells herself that God gave her another beautiful blessing, but she's nervous to tell Dash that they're pregnant again so soon. When Dash comes home from work that night, she tells him that they're expecting, and he is ecstatic and tells Megan not to worry about anything!

    She goes to the doctor and they confirm her pregnancy. At her 20 week ultrasound they discover it's a boy this time! And they cannot wait to welcome little Levi Jude into the family.

    He arrives 3 weeks early, but is still a healthy baby boy.

    Dash (33), Megan (31), Chloe (5), Amelia (1), Levi (NB).
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